Graham on Paris terror attack

Since reading about the terrorist attack in Paris this morning over breakfast I’ve meant to post something but been busy.

So I’ll share what Lindsey Graham put out, to get a conversation started:

Graham on Terror Attack in Paris


WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on this morning’s terrorist attack in Paris which has left at least 12 people dead.


“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, the families, and the French people in the wake of this horrendous attack.


“Simply stated, radical Islam – through extreme violence and intimidation – is trying to replace our way of life with theirs.  I have no doubt they will ultimately fail, but the question is how many will be injured or killed before that day arrives?


“Here at home, we must use this horrific attack as an opportunity to reevaluate our own national security posture.  I fear our intelligence capabilities, those designed to prevent such an attack from taking place on our shores, are quickly eroding.  Through a combination of poor policy choices made by the Obama Administration regarding detention and interrogation policies, and budget cuts approved by the Congress with President Obama’s support, I believe our national security infrastructure designed to prevent these types of attacks from occurring is under siege.


“President Obama should immediately change his interrogation and detention policies as we are gradually losing the ability to detect, disrupt and prevent future terrorist attacks.  In addition, it is time to restore the necessary funding to our intelligence-gathering and national security operations.


“I fear we can expect and must prepare for more attacks like this in the future.  ISIL is well-funded and has an entrenched command structure that is actively inspiring terrorist attacks throughout the world.  And while President Obama has the right goal in destroying ISIL, I fear the policies he is using are grossly insufficient and leave our homeland increasingly exposed.


“Finally, we should acknowledge that radical Islamists have no limits when it comes to destruction and the taking of human life.  That is why it remains imperative that we never allow radical Islamic terrorists to acquire weapons of mass destruction.  While today’s attack in Paris involved conventional weapons, I fear the terrorist attacks of the future could be even more lethal and even more tragic if these organizations acquire chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.  Denying them this capability is the challenge of the time.”



8 thoughts on “Graham on Paris terror attack

  1. Bryan Caskey

    The Deputy Mayor of Paris told CNN that the gunmen changed cars in Northern Paris after escape from the scene. This was clearly an organized operation, not some crazy people who just flew off the handle. This was well-planned.

    These people aren’t going to stop.

    1. Kathryn Fenner

      No, they aren’t. What are we going to do? Invade Yemen?

      Maybe we need to try a different approach to combating terrorism. Fighting them overtly only adds fuel to their fire. There will always be true believers for any whacky position, but we don’t need to make more through our actions.

      1. Bryan Caskey

        True believers for wacky positions, I can handle. But when they start killing complete strangers because a cartoon offends their religious sensibilities, we’re no longer dealing with people who are susceptible to reason.

        You cannot reconcile the viewpoint of these people with Western Civilization. You just can’t.

        1. Kathryn Fenner

          True believers are never susceptible to reason. That is part of my point.
          We just cannot blast it out of them. What we *can* do is stop making more through our own military actions, and reduce their new recruits through softer actions.

  2. Doug Ross

    Lindsey never fails to demonstrate the power of hyperbole to advance his skewed works view.

  3. M.Prince

    My reaction?
    The senator’s message has a chilly tone deafness about it. There’s too little humanity and too much policy wonkishness, too much partisanship and not enough solidarity, too many “I fears” and not enough reassurance.

  4. Bryan Caskey

    Here’s some reassurance for you: Remain calm, all is well.

    Don’t worry, we’ve got everyone going to candlelight vigils for the victims. Isn’t there a saying along the lines of “Don’t bring a candlelight vigil to a gun fight”, or something? I can’t recall exactly, but it’s something like that.

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