Runyan stance may generate an actual challenge this year

Remember Cameron Runyan’s solitary stance on a vote dealing with an aspect of the same-sex marriage issue?

There was a flurry of rhetoric at the time to the effect of “somebody oughta run against this guy.” There was a Twitter feed and everything — although the last Tweet was Dec. 10.

Well, “somebody” may. Free Times is reporting this:

On Nov. 18, Columbia City Council voted — by a count of 4-1 — to extend benefits to the spouses of city employees who are in legal same-sex marriages, including legal marriages from any of the 50 states. Councilman Cameron Runyan cast the lone dissenting vote.

Avatar from the "Replace Runyan" Twitter feed.

Avatar from the “Replace Runyan” Twitter feed.

A day later, on Nov. 19, longtime Columbia political consultant Tige Watts posted the following on his Facebook page: “As God is my witness, I will do everything I can to make sure Cameron Runyan is not re-elected to Columbia City Council 349 days from now.”

It’s looking like Watts wasn’t kidding.

On Monday afternoon, Watts told Free Times that he is heavily considering a run for the at-large seat on Columbia City Council currently occupied by Runyan. Watts says he is in the process of preparing campaign materials and would likely make an official announcement at the end of the month.

Runyan’s at-large post is one of three seats that will be up for election in November…


8 thoughts on “Runyan stance may generate an actual challenge this year

      1. Kathryn Fenner

        He was the influential and popular head of the council of neighborhoods. He might not pull as many votes in the Bible Belt of the northside, but …

        Runyan’s wide stance offended a lot of us.

          1. Kathryn Fenner

            Well, you said “stance” and many people associate the kind of anti-homosexual positions CR took with one’s being actually closeted. Hence the allusion to the “wide stance” closet case….

        1. Barry

          I thought it was the job of council to offend some folks – that’s the plenty of them over the years built a career.


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