Legislative hearing on the school equity decision

I got this advisory yesterday from Bud Ferillo, who made the influential “Corridor of Shame” documentary, in case you don’t know him otherwise:

Advisory Notice
See attached official notice for the initial meeting of the new legislative committee that will consider remedies for the Abbeville v. State of South Carolina rural schools funding case.
It will be held in Room 100, ground floor of the Blatt House Office Building, at 1:00pm next Monday, February, 23, 2015.
Former U. S. Secretary of Education and South Carolina’s first two-term Governor, Richard W. Riley, a partner in the Nelson Mullins law firm which represented the plaintiff districts prop bono publico, will be the lead off speaker. See the attached Agenda for other speakers and committee business.
PLease share with others. Come early for a seat. Enter through the center door facing the Gressette Senate Office Building. All other entrances are locked.


5 thoughts on “Legislative hearing on the school equity decision

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Another message from Bud, about today’s meeting:

    Former U. S. Secretary of Education and former Governor Dick Riley will be the lead witness in the first meeting of the legislative committee considering remedies to the SC Supreme Court’s ruling in the Abbeville case.

    A strong showing of our supporters will help send a powerful message to the committee. It meets at 1:00pm, Monday, February 23 in Room 101 in the Blatt House Office Building.

    Dick Riley is coming out really strong about how we have left almost a quarter of the state’s children behind for years, and we have to move boldly and comprehensively now if our state is going to be economical competitive in the future.

    He is going to layout a dramatic set of actions from pre-k thru high school and call on everyone at the local and state levels to be part of the solution.

    Please make every effort to join us in the audience and encourage others to attend as well.

  2. Doug Ross

    I didn’t move to South Carolina until after Governor Riley left office. Were the public schools better in South Carolina during his eight year tenure? Was funding more equitable then?

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Gov. Riley was (barely, by a few months) before my time, too. He’s known for pushing through the Education Improvement Act, which added a penny to the state sales tax for specific education programs.

      As for more equitable, you’ve got me. That would require a budgetary analysis that is beyond my means at the moment…

      1. Doug Ross

        I guess my point is that he had eight years to improve the quality of public education in South Carolina and my guess is he had no more luck at doing it than Nikki Haley has or will. The problems in South Carolina’s educational system are not fixable as long as certain mindsets remain. South Carolina State’s problems are indicative of the issue – poor performance and poor stewardship are given a pass.

  3. Brad Warthen Post author

    Here’s more info on today’s meeting, from Speaker Lucas’ office:

    MEDIA ADVISORY: Speaker Lucas to Address Education Task Force

    Will outline expectations and priorities for education reform


    (Columbia, SC) – The Education Policy Review and Reform Task Force that House Speaker Jay Lucas (District 65) appointed in January will hold its first meeting on Monday, February 23, 2015.


    WHO: The Education Policy Review and Reform Task Force – a group comprised of elected officials, educators, plaintiff representatives from Abbeville v. State, and private sector job creators who are tasked with laying the groundwork for comprehensive education reform.

    WHAT: This meeting will be the first of several for the Education Policy Review and Reform Task Force as they work to develop recommendations that will lead to substantial education reform in South Carolina. The group is required to submit a report of their findings to Speaker Lucas by the beginning of next legislative session.
    WHEN: Monday, February 23, 2015 at 1:00PM


    WHERE: Room 110 of the Solomon Blatt Building, State House Grounds

    WHY: Speaker Lucas will outline his priorities and expectations for the task force, which is led by Chairman Rita Allison(District 36-Spartanburg). Additional invited guests planning to make a presentation:

                                        The Honorable Richard W. Riley, Former Governor of South Carolina and United States Secretary of Education

                                        Professor Derek Black, USC School of Law

                                        Barbara Nielsen, Former State Superintendent of Education

                                        Inez Tenenbaum, Former State Superintendent of Education

                                        Michael A. Rebell, LL.B., Professor of Law and Educational Practice, Columbia University

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