Our man in Bangkok…looking more suave

Since I had such an unflattering photo of Brad in an earlier post, I thought it would only be fair to show this photo of Brad, after arriving, looking more…suave. I’ll be posting more pictures from time to time, but if you want to directly follow him, you can get the pictures direct from his Twitter feed.

8 thoughts on “Our man in Bangkok…looking more suave

      1. Claus2

        Brilliant, had you waited until Friday you’d be replying to a comment made exactly three years ago.

        1. Brad Warthen

          Yeah, I do that sometime, partly to see whether people will notice.

          There is SOME value to posts that old, apparently. Otherwise, why do I get so many requests from people wanting me to add a link to their site in a 10-year-old post? Which is something that happens just about daily…


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