Gorgeous movie star picked to head DHEC! What? I thought you said Katherine Heigl…


So of course, when I read this, I immediately pictured the woman from “Knocked Up” — you know, the one who was way too hot, smart and together for Seth Rogen, or for anyone else you can name for that matter:

Catherine Heigel of Greenville, a corporate lawyer who has worked for utilities and state agencies, was chosen Friday as the new director of the state agency that oversees health and environmental protection.

The selection by the board for the state Department of Health and Environmental Control came after closed-door interviews with some of the 99 applicants for the post.

Their selection goes to the State Senate for confirmation….

But apparently, it’s not the same person. So I’m less excited now…

9 thoughts on “Gorgeous movie star picked to head DHEC! What? I thought you said Katherine Heigl…

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      So far, it’s generated nothing. As is usually the case on Fridays in the p.m.

      Ideally, it would generate someone knowledgeable coming forward and telling us whether this person is a good or bad choice for DHEC. Because I certainly don’t know enough about her to say.

      Hence my facetious way of bringing up the topic… The one thing I DO know about her is that the name sounds familiar. But of course, that isn’t helpful.

      I’m sure the poor woman gets this all the time….

          1. Dan

            My kids brought this to my attention last week (we are big fans of OS). That is TOO funny, I had no idea Michael Bolton had a sense of humor.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Oh, I think she was in “Knocked Up.” I’ve seen her in other things where she didn’t impress as much, but she seemed amazing in that.

      Of course, that might be in part because she was next to Seth Rogen…


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