My worlds are colliding! Doug and Burl meet


Well, this is cool…

Some of y’all may know that Doug Ross and family are in Hawaii right now. They arrived a few days after we left.

Anyway, I’d been trying to get Doug and Burl Burlingame together. And a little while ago, about an hour after I put up the previous post about the time spent with Burl in Hawaii, Burl himself sent me this photo in a text.

In the photo above, Burl is apparently teaching the “shaka” sign to Doug, who seems to be picking up on it pretty well. The same back at you, bruddahs!

I’m glad they got a chance to meet, and I hope Doug and the fam have a great time in the islands!

9 thoughts on “My worlds are colliding! Doug and Burl meet

  1. Doug Ross

    Much appreciation to Burl for providing a personal tour of his museum..and I say “his museum” because his fingerprints and expertise are all over it.

    Thanks, Brad, for arranging the meeting.

  2. Mab

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  3. Kathryn Fenner

    Is that an actual human standing between them, or an amazing wax figure? I mean, do people really get that cut? Wow!

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