So far, I have a perfect score on the SAT (Twitter version)

Of course, I’ve only answered two questions so far — yesterday’s and today’s. But a journey of a thousand miles begins with, etc.

Since some of y’all shared my enthusiasm for quizzes — well, for quizzes that I ace, not for abominations such as that cursed Slate news quiz — I thought I would call your attention to this, the Official SAT Question of the Day feed.


4 thoughts on “So far, I have a perfect score on the SAT (Twitter version)

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    A side note…

    My wife is trying to help a young person get her GED, and last night brought home a couple of big-city-phone-book-sized guides to the process. (Remember phone books, boys and girls?)

    At the beginning of one of the books were some “pretest” questions. The very first question was a reading-comprehension one. It was about a preceding passage of about 400 or so words. It was multiple choice, and EVERY choice offered made a true statement about the passage — but one was asked to choose the one that best captured the overall message of the passage.

    I got it right — there was little question in my mind that one of the answers best captured the overall thrust of the piece. But after my long career dealing with lots of readers, many of them probably college-educated, who can read a fairly straightforward column or some other piece of writing and NOT GET THE POINT, this seemed ridiculously hard, considering this was a test for getting the equivalent of a high school diploma.

    I mean, I think it’s GREAT if all high school graduates or GED holders have that level of sophistication in understanding the written word, but this question required MUCH more subtle perception than the SAT questions on this Twitter feed.

    It surprised me…

  2. Doug Ross

    I got 9/9 on sentence completion practice questions just now. I scored a 1280 (600 English, 680 Math) in H.S. without any prep and while going to a vocational school that didn’t emphasize academics. When my kids got to SAT age, I took a practice exam and scored a 760 English, 560 Math which is about what I’d expect after 25+ years of not using any of the math taught beyond middle school.

    This is a pretty funny article about a guy who took the SAT recently at age 35. Some R-rated language…
    The writer, Drew Magary, is one of my favorites. He writes for Deadspin and GQ magazine.

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