Examples of how SC massacre is dominating news

In my first post on the subject this morning, I noted how once again, South Carolina is grabbing attention nationally and around the world for something truly horrific.

Here are a few screengrabs to drive the point home a bit further. Each image links to that outlet’s website…

washpost roof



npr roof


nyt roof


wsj roof

2 thoughts on “Examples of how SC massacre is dominating news

  1. Mike Cakora

    Such a horrific story – the premeditated murder of innocents – should dominate the news, just like the mass murders in France, Norway, and elsewhere did.

    It’s sadly ironic that the weekly murders in greater numbers in Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Mexico, Nigeria, Syria, etc. don’t have the impact and therefore don’t make the evening news as often. Evil should make the headlines wherever and however it happens.

    I write this as my wife and I are on vacation not far from Charleston. We grieve along with the other citizens of the state.

  2. Ralph Hightower

    Columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora CO, Oklahoma City, DC Sniper.

    When will the carnage stop?

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