Gawker: ‘Dylann Roof’s Car, Like S.C. Statehouse, Flies a Confederate Flag’


Do I really need to say more than that headline says about the problem we have here in South Carolina?

Yeah, I probably do. A lot more. And I will. But that’s a good start.

Here’s the Gawker piece. And here’s where the picture came from.

8 thoughts on “Gawker: ‘Dylann Roof’s Car, Like S.C. Statehouse, Flies a Confederate Flag’

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Here’s hoping that the shame being heaped upon us today for flying it, coupled with McConnell’s departure, will finally motivate the powers-that-be to take it down!!!

    1. Karen Pearson

      I agree Kathryn. When are those who claim that they are honoring the past going to realize that the flag carries so much bad baggage with it, that It can no longer serve to “honor” anything? Flying it in front of the State House brings nothing but shame. If it must fly on the state house grounds , fly it over Pitchfork Ben’s statue. There it might make some kind of perverse sense.

      1. Kathryn Fenner

        I was just thinking this morning about how much nicer a fountain would be where Tillman’s statue is–maybe we move the Confederate Soldier to where Tillman is, melt down Tillman and put a nice fountain where the soldier was.

    1. Doug Ross

      Don’t worry, Vincent Sheheen is on the job. Eight months ago he made it a priority. The plan should be completed real soon.

  2. Barry

    Leave it to Todd Rutherford to lay some blame at the foot of Fox News- as he just did on CNN.

    Jake Tapper was tying to get him to talk about the event and the state senator, but Todd had to lay some blame at Fox News.

    He can make some very irresponsible statements.

    1. Barry

      Btw- Todd was on with Bill Oreilly tonight and we’ll, let’s just say, Todd didn’t look too good and Bill really went easy on him considering what had happened.

      Irresponsible statements don’t help anyone.

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