Charleston gets funding for port deepening

I don’t pay all that much attention to this issue, but I should. So I’ll pass on this announcement from Lindsey Graham, from a few minutes ago:

Charleston Port Receives Pre-Construction Funding for 2015

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today applauded news that the Charleston Port Harbor Post-45 Deepening Project will receive $1.303 million in Preconstruction Engineering and Design (PED) funding from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ work plan allocations for Fiscal Year 2015. This allocation of funds will allow the preconstruction phase of the project to begin immediately.

Last week, the Army Corps’ Civil Works Review Board (CWRB) unanimously approved the port deepening project, keeping the project on schedule. This vote was a necessary condition for receiving today’s allocation and will allow the Port to be eligible for the remainder of PED funding in Fiscal Year 2016 and be ready for full construction dollars in Fiscal Year 2017.

“Today’s $1.3 million allocation is fantastic news for the Port of Charleston and for expediting the deepening project,” said Graham. “I again applaud the Army Corps of Engineers for amending its FY 2015 work plan to include funding for the Port. This money is yet another sign of the Port’s value to the country as a whole and a welcome step toward ensuring construction and eventual completion.”

Graham is a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and serves on the Energy and Water Subcommittee. He was an early and ardent advocate for deepening Charleston Harbor and continues the fight to secure federal authorization and funding for the project.


9 thoughts on “Charleston gets funding for port deepening

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Well, if we get the flag down, perhaps the occupancy of the old Business School by the federal judicial program can be back on. Hey, Senator–get to work on it! It sure would be a boost to my neighborhood to have so many well-paid folks working there!

  2. Juan Caruso

    * July 1, 2015 news: “Charleston Port Receives Pre-Construction Funding for 2015” for the deepening project

    * March 2015 news: “$2.7 million in bonds will help with upgrades to South Carolina Aquarium”

    Even continued government spending contradicts the absurd dire warnings of rising seas due to the debunked, anthropmorphic climate change scam. No suspension of disbelief among fact checkers.

    1. Kathryn Fenner

      Debunked anthropomorphic climate change scam?!?!?
      Man, you need to go stand with the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
      99.9999999% of scientists attribute climate change to primarily “anthropomorphic” sources. We have met the enemy and he is us.

      1. Juan Caruso

        Your false “99.9999999% assertion tries to change the subject: Why is government deepening harbors and expanding ocean front development AFTER stating repeatedly that oceans will rise due to man-made glocal warming” You obviously have no answer.

        Not even 50% of PhDs in the actual field of climate study still support the “anthropomorphic” hypothesis as fact. Many of those supporting man-caused climated change as irrefutable fact are lawyers in elected office, those who used to be in elected office (Bob Inglis), those who hope for higher ewlected office (Vincent Sheheen), and scientists receiving government grants to prove the efficacy of phony climate modeling. So far, they have failed in what is actually a scheme to create a large pool of taxpayer dollars for a debunked “noble cause”.

        All too often, pools of money created by politicians for noble causes enrich members of the legal profession, who in turm contribute generously to lawyer cabdidates. Mirabile dictu.

        1. Kathryn Fenner

          The harbors are deepened to keep trade going NOW.
          The ocean front development is seriously wrong and results from undue influence from wealthy interests. We need to revise the federal flood insurance program to cap payouts–you get one per already built property, and no new policies on flood plain building.

        1. Jaun caruso

          Thank you for linking Dr, Singer’s sensible, fact-based article, Mike Cakora.

          A small fraction of the $100s millions of grant money dedicated to support the “irrefutable threat of global warming” been devoted to using greenhouse (GH) warming to combat global cooling, a non-CO2 solution toward Saving Humanity from Catastrophic Global Cooling would be closer at hand.

          In fact, elected lawyers will soon be claiming that they actually avoided the next little ice age by judiciously delaying massive sequestrations of CO2.

          Meanwhile, loads of irrefutable climate change grantees in the U.S. must be somewhat concerned about this legal development: “US vaccine researcher sentenced to prison for fraud” The case of Dong-Pyou Han illustrates the uneven nature of penalties for scientific misconduct.

  3. Mark Stewart

    This is the project that drives the state’s economy. Also the one most of SC’s congressmen opposed in 2011. Wrongly.

    Any press release from “Joe Means Jobs” Wilson?

    How about this factoid: The West Coast Longshoremans Union is a monopoly ruling all ports on the Pacific. The way around is direct access to the Southeast ports from Asia. Want to see Orangeburg turn into Pooler, GA? Support the port expansion. It could be a transformative game-changer. As in exponential, not incremental economic development…

    And get the cross connections to both CSX and Norfolk Southern done. Don’t let them become the West Coast Longshoremans Union.


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