Governor, you should have hired ME to be your chief of staff. I am, after all, Leo McGarry

No, really, I am. I’ve been tested and everything.

I could have been the perfect chief of staff for our governor — the gruff, avuncular, no-nonsense guy who could look at the big picture and speak truth to power.

I suppose this Patel woman will do a fine job and all, but if only the governor had thought of me and known of my impeccable credentials, surely she’d have asked me to do it.

Don’t you think?


9 thoughts on “Governor, you should have hired ME to be your chief of staff. I am, after all, Leo McGarry

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Our previous governor DID have a real-life Leo — briefly. If you’ll recall, Fred Carter was Mark Sanford’s first chief of staff. But Fred wisely cut out and went back to Francis Marion as quickly as he could. If only he had stayed and Sanford had listened to him — but Sanford being Sanford, that wasn’t going to happen. The man has trouble keeping chiefs of staff

    I’m remembering another case like that, back when Lamar Alexander was first elected governor way back in 1978. He hired John “The Bear” Parish, then the dean of Tennessee political writers. But as press secretary, not chief of staff. Anyway, it was a good hire…

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      If I were governor and had a chief of staff like Fred Carter, I’d do whatever he advised me to do, especially if I were as clueless as Sanford.

      But no; it doesn’t work that way, does it? Clueless people don’t KNOW they’re clueless. Especially not Sanford…

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    One small critique of West Wing, wonderful as it was… The images above remind me…

    Why was it always so DARK? My Blu-Ray player, on which I sometimes watch Netflix, tends to be a little dark anyway, and sometimes I can’t tell WHAT is going on on the screen.

    I’ve been in the West Wing. I’ve been in the White House press secretary’s office (which, by the way, is about a fourth the size of C.J. Cregg’s). It’s not that dark. They have lighting. And sometimes windows, even…

    1. Kathryn Fenner

      Because it’s always Zero Dark Thirty there, don’t you know?—very, very late at night b/c they work such long hours—sort of like a lot of other cop/lawyer/doctor/broadcast news shows—I worked really long hours in law offices that were always lit up like an operating theatre even though it was late at night. On TV, it’s always just a pool of light in the middle of a dark room. More dramatic….

  3. Bill Siegrist

    Brad … I am unsure how I first came across your blog, however the good Lord put me on your path, I am grateful. One of the reasons your writing style appeals to is that I am a native son of Memphis. I popped into this world in 1954 at St. Joseph Hospital, gone for many decades. My dad danced with the nuns in the hospital hallway the day I was born. How acceptable do you think that was in May 1954?

    This comment (to you) was motivated by the West Wing video. This side of heaven, there will never be a need for me to have a Presidential Chief of Staff. But the criteria listed caused me to think of a dear friend who is a gift in my life. I emailed him the clip and assured him, he would be my chief of staff. Thank you for the nudge, I appreciate you!

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