Time’s a wastin’! Sign up for Walk for Life 2015

That championship team of 2013 -- their names are legend.

That championship team of 2013 — their names are legend.

OK, yeah, I know. With the Walk less than three weeks off, this is ridiculously late to get started.

But I’m giving it a try anyway, because it’s never too late to get together to fight breast Cancer in the Midlands.

So come on and join us as we prepare to walk on Oct. 17. Or rather, join me, since I’m the only one to sign up for the blog team so far. With my contribution, we’re at 3 percent of our goal of $1,000.

Even this late, that’s a reachable goal. Remember that in 2013, we broke the Top Ten, coming in at No. 9 with a grand total of $3,651.44. We did that, if you’ll recall, due to the above-and-beyond efforts of Bryan Caskey and Doug Ross. I’ll hope they’ll join us again this year, but hey — it’s high time that the rest of us take up some of the slack.

So click here to get started. NOW!

For my part, I’m going to send out a fund-raising note to some of my contacts as soon as I get done typing this. Perhaps some of y’all could do the same. If you want to see a way to do it that works, check out Bryan’s legendary missive of 2013.

And please, accept my apologies for getting started so late. I know it’s inexcusable. But I’m trying to do some good even at this late hour, so help me out.

My lateness is particularly embarrassing since once again, I am one of the Pinkadors — that is to say, the social media brand ambassadors for the Walk. Way last month, a lovely gift package was dropped off at the ADCO offices to remind me of that fact. There it is below.

So watch this space, and my Twitter feed for more about the Walk as these last few days stream past…



9 thoughts on “Time’s a wastin’! Sign up for Walk for Life 2015

  1. Bryan Caskey

    I’ll be in town this year, so I’ll see what I can do. Will try to raise some money and walk if I can. In any event, I’ll definitely contribute.

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        With three of my kids gone to Thailand to visit their little sister, our family group will be much diminished on Walk day. So as many of y’all as can join us, the merrier!

    1. Dave Crockett

      The Columbia area is a 2-hour drive from Seneca, so I’ll have to pass on walking. But y’all have a good time!

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    Thanks to a generous donation from Mark Stewart, we’re already at more than 40 percent of our team goal.

    Thanks so much, Mark!

    Will you be able to walk with us this year?

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