Tweets from the debate (Kathryn, look away)

debate stage

I know Kathryn hates it when I do this, and most of the rest of y’all just ignore it. But I’m going to post it anyway, because this is how I commented on the debate, and I’m not going to type all this stuff all over again (copying the embed codes over is tedious enough).

Some people liked my comments — I got 13 replies, 17 reTweets, two new follows and 37 favorites. (A little disappointed on the follows — usually I get closer to 10 during such an event with so much interaction.) I didn’t bother to count the Facebook responses (my Tweets automatically post there as well), but it was at least a couple of score.

If running these prompts no discussion, so be it. But at least I made it available to those who don’t indulge in Twitter:

10 thoughts on “Tweets from the debate (Kathryn, look away)

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Of course, SOME of you did engage on Twitter, which I appreciate. Here are some replies from regular commenters here:

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    Yeah, I know some of y’all find such posts irritating. Perhaps it’s the repetition of my tiny mug shot.

    You know what I find irritating? The 20 emails I received from the Democratic Party during the debate. And what sorts of things did they have to tell me that couldn’t wait? Here’s an example: “Republican Trickle-Down Tax Policies Fail the Middle Class.”

    To which I respond, Really? That’s what you think? I had no idea. That’s such a revelation. Not.

    Parties are SO predictable, so excruciatingly boring. At least the Democrats are. Based on the debate, Republicans are sort of all over the place these days…

    I wouldn’t be interested in reading ONE release from the opposition party during a debate, much less 20…

  3. Doug Ross

    Your palpable disgust with Rand Paul specifically and libertarians generally is the equivalent of what I feel for Lindsey Graham and career politicians. But I’m the cynic.

  4. Doug Ross

    I think Fiorina made a huge leap last night. If she wasn’t a war monger, I’d vote for her. I think Rubio/Fiorina or the reverse would be a very interesting ticket for Republicans. Would put some holes in the white males only perception of the Republican Party… Rubio would be better on top of the ticket to put Florida in play and let Carly be the pitbull on the campaign trail.

    1. Doug Ross

      My favorite moment was when Fiorina said something about Jeb smoking pot in high school and they cut to a wide shot where Jeb threw up his hands with an expression like “Oh, come on!”

      1. Norm Ivey

        I thought that whole exchange was funny. It was sort of like, “Hey, we were ALL young once…” The days when pot use as a young person is a liability have passed.

        1. Brad Warthen Post author

          See, I think it’s the other way around. I think the days in which smoking dope in your youth was NOT a liability has passed. I hear about young people smoking it in the last few decades and I think, “What do you think this is, the early ’70s? Sorry, kids, you missed it…”

  5. Norm Ivey

    I think your couple of mentions of Pataki were supposed to be Kasich. Pataki was in the earlier debate. Trump got a lot of screen time at the beginning, but faded as the debate went on. Good.

  6. Bryan Caskey

    A few thoughts:

    1. Fiorina impressed me last night, with Rubio coming in second. Doug’s theoretical ticket of Fiorina/Rubio would be a really interesting ticket.

    2. If Trump starts to lose ground (and that’s a big “if”) then I think tonight is where we will go back and say this was the beginning of the end for Trump.

    3. Nurse! Get Dr. Carson a hundred cc’s of public speaking coaching, stat! For starters, he needs to stop fidgeting with his hands while he’s talking, and he needs to speak up. Talk about “low energy”. Oh, and some specifics would be nice. I still have no idea what his position on stuff is. I was hoping he would tell me, but apparently he couldn’t manage to do that last night.

    4. I loved when Tapper said “sua sponte”. My wife (also a lawyer) and I both looked at each other and remarked about how he just tossed some lawyer lingo in there. Too bad the next debate can’t be moderated by Judge Chamberlain Haller. Maybe we can let the candidates start objecting to each other’s remarks.


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