Chris Christie touts tenuous link to Lindsey Graham

Some of y’all who are always belittling my main senator, Lindsey Graham, may think he gets no respect on the national scene, given how poorly his erstwhile presidential campaign did.

But you’re all wrong, as evidenced by Chris Christie’s eagerness to connect himself to the South Carolinian, even at second hand:



Former McCain NH Chairman and Lindsey Graham Supporter Peter Spaulding Endorses Chris Christie for President


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Monday, January 25, 2016

MORRISTOWN, NJ – At a press conference in Concord today flanked by several additional members of Senator McCain’s former New Hampshire leadership teams, Peter Spaulding announced his support for Governor Christie. Spaulding was chairman of Senator McCain’s successful 2000 and 2008 bids for president in New Hampshire. He had previously endorsed Senator Graham in the 2016 race.

Spaulding was joined at the press conference by Wayne MacDonald, Paul Chevalier, Sheriff Scott Hilliard, Richard Brothers, Jim Burke, Bernie Streeter, and Dan St. Hilaire who were members of Senator McCain’s 2000 or 2008 New Hampshire leadership teams.

“Chris Christie has the extensive executive and leadership experience that our country needs in these very difficult times. He is also the only candidate who has a proven record of meeting the terrorist threat to our nation head on,” said Peter Spaulding. “I am proud to support him.”

“As we get closer to the primary and we continue to see the growing momentum on the ground in New Hampshire, I am honored to receive Peter’s endorsement,” said Governor Christie. “Peter has a deep understanding of the Granite State and the qualities voters here are looking for in their next president. His support in the coming weeks will be incredibly helpful.”

Peter Spaulding was New Hampshire Chairman of US Senator John McCain’s successful presidential primary campaigns in the first-in-the-nation primary. He also served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1988, 1996, 2000 & 2008. He was Chair of the New Hampshire Delegation in 2000 and 2008.

Spaulding, currently Chairman of the Merrimack County Board of Commissioners, served as an Executive Councilor from 1983 to 2006. He previously served as a county commissioner from 1970-1992.

Spaulding is a New Hampshire native who grew up in Bradford, NH. He earned a BA from the University of New Hampshire in 1966.

View the full New Hampshire endorsement list here. 

So there…

7 thoughts on “Chris Christie touts tenuous link to Lindsey Graham

  1. Doug Ross

    Former McCain NH Chairman and Lindsey Graham Supporter Peter Spaulding Endorses Chris Christie for President

    To which the proper response is:


    Just like many of the lower tier candidates, Christie’s campaign exists solely to generate revenue for political consultants.

      1. Doug Ross

        He’s not going to win there or anywhere. He has no shot. What Christie is doing now is just spending donations, enhancing his “brand” for future revenue opportunities (speeches, books, board memberships, consulting). For everyone but Trump, Cruz, Rubio the next month or so is just a way to keep consultants billable.

          1. Doug Ross

            Shouldn’t we expect that anyone who doesn’t have a top 4 finish in either Iowa, NH, or SC should drop out?

          2. Barry

            Chris Christie has no chance anywhere- at all. ZERO.

            That the man is listening to people that are telling him he has a chance is enough of a reason to disqualify him from any office.

            He won’t win anywhere.

            He surely lost a bet and that’s the only reason he’s still in ten race.


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