Another SC elected official for Trump

I was asking earlier whether any of us knew people who were backing Trump.

Well, here’s another — the Lexington County Clerk of Court. She responded to a Tweet of mine (about a Washington Post interview with The State‘s Andy Shain) thusly:

I answered that “Actually, Beth, for what it’s worth, 30 percent of the minority of people expected to vote in GOP primary is not ‘the people’….” I then added, “Also, isn’t the Lexington county clerk sort of technically ‘the Establishment’?”

I’ll share with you any response I get.

5 thoughts on “Another SC elected official for Trump

  1. Juan Caruso

    Political analysts seem to throw the word “establishment” around to avoid identifying the real movers and shakers. The term has become as uninformative a cop out, as when a politician intentionally absents him/herself from a controversial vote.

    Since Trump supporters (Trumpers) are “anti-establishment”, they are probably “lumpers” who consider career politicians, lobbyists, Wall Street’s investment bankers, wealthy political donors, etc. in the same corrupt mold regardless of party affiliation.

    This is why Trump has been able to attract crowds of people of every stripe. What Trump has called the “stupidity” of congress has seemed abundantly clear on almost a daily basis. Congress’s tricks are worn out and too many people now see through their staged dramas, distractions, and excuses such as — passage of bills too voluminous to read.

  2. bud

    Just got back from walking the dog. I saw 3 houses with Trump signs in the yard. All three were nice 1800+ sq foot homes. All three had multiple late model vehicles in the driveway or garage. All three had nicely maintained yards. They are located in the recently opened $138 million River Bluff High school district. At Halloween and Christmas these houses are nicely decorated for the season. They weren’t mansions but these 3 households are doing better than ok. It got me wondering, what do these people have to be angry about? Anger at the ‘establishment’ seems to be the prevailing reason cited by Trump voters for their support, but why? Seems like these people have a lot to be thankful for, not angry or bitter. It really is a mystery.

    1. Barry

      I can’t say.

      I live in a similar neighborhood – in Kershaw County. No mansions – but nice homes – 1800 sq feet up to probably 2400 or so.

      I haven’t seen any Trump signs at all- or any other signs. But I am sure there are some supporters out there.

      Personally, I don’t know one friend that can stand Trump as a candidate. Every friend I talk to makes fun of him – and most of my friends are pretty conservative people and voters.

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