Any last thoughts to share on S.C. primaries?

I was on a bit of a Soma holiday over the weekend, taking muscle relaxers and pain pills — which worked wonderfully, to the point that I’ve stopped the pain pills. (If you’ll recall, I thought that I’d rebroken the ribs I broke kickboxing years ago — the intensity of the pain was very familiar — but apparently I’d just “pulled something.”)

So I didn’t really focus on Saturday’s vote the way I normally would.

But even had I been in top form, I don’t think there would have been much to say.

I mean, we knew Hillary needed to do really well here, and she definitely did that. It’s kind of like having a forecast for rain, and sure enough, you get a couple of inches of it. What’s there to say?

Well, here’s one thing: S.C. Republicans used to have the reputation of choosing presidents — or at least nominees. But they’ve utterly failed to do so the last two times now. (That is to say, they may — shudder — have chosen the nominee, but not the next president.)

But S.C. Democrats have chosen the eventual winner the last two times they’ve had contested primaries. Does that mean anything? I have no idea.

Bryan pointed me to this NYT graphic of SC exit poll results. Maybe you’ll see something that inspires you.

Me, I’m sort of moving on to see what happens tomorrow