Any of y’all pumped about voting tomorrow? (Trump people, I’m not talking to you…)


When I saw the above headline this morning, I thought, “Really?

Because the way I (and from what I can tell, millions of others) feel about this election so far, it’s difficult to imagine mustering any enthusiasm for engaging in the process.

Yeah, I think I’ve found someone I can vote for without holding my nose, and that’s good, but all the other stuff going on out there has really cast a pall. Add that to the fact that all the polls assure me that my guy will come in behind the very worst of the lot, and it gets to be a major drag.

Of course, this is when the tough get going, and I will vote, and emphatically encourage every reasonable person I know to do likewise.

But I know that lots of people get easily discouraged from voting by the slightest things — rain, for instance. And this election has been so awful so far — easily the most appalling I’ve ever seen — that you would think only the most dedicated voters would be able to uncurl from a fetal position and drag themselves to the polling place.

Otherwise, you know who WILL show up to vote, and they must not be unopposed.

So, unless you’re planning to vote in the Democratic primary the following week, drop your c___s and grab your socks; off your dead a__es and on yer dyin’ feet. Go do your duty tomorrow…

18 thoughts on “Any of y’all pumped about voting tomorrow? (Trump people, I’m not talking to you…)

  1. Karen Pearson

    I have my nose clip ready for tomorrow. I’ve got a feeling that the extra votes will be divided among Trump supporters, Cruz supporters and those who want to mitigate the lead those two get. I hope not.

  2. susanincola

    I’d be more interested if I didn’t have such phone fatigue. 15 or 20 calls a day is making me not want to hear from any of them ever again. I’ve gotten more calls from Jeb Bush this week than I’ve gotten from my mother in the last year. I’ve considered just voting for whoever calls the least.

      1. susanincola

        That would normally be true for me, too, but I’m ok with either democrat far more than I’m not ok with trump and cruz, so I’ll be voting today. I think it’s that I live in a heavily republican area, not that I personally vote a certain way. I also had two young people knock on my door for Jeb(!).
        I got my first call from Hillary yesterday, so maybe next week I’ll be inundated with democrat calls.
        And Brad, I was already planning on getting rid of my land line, but this has made it very obvious I should do it sooner rather than later.
        Why do they think annoying a person with dozens of phone calls every day is a good idea? Does anyone listen to them? I just hang up or turn my phone off, which is what I’d think most people do.

  3. bud

    Before talking about politics I’m going to say something really controversial. After much thought and reflection along with plenty of experimentation I’ve concluded that I just don’t like IPAs. There I said it. I like regular ales, porters, stouts and event the occasional lager. But something about IPAs that just rubs me the wrong way. Oh well, let the nasty attacks begin.

    As for voting, my wife and I will go next week to cancel each others vote in the Democratic primary. But for what it’s worth I’ve ranked all the GOP candidates from best to worst:

    1. Kasich (Least objectionable. Still too much of a hawk both fiscally and militarily)
    2. Carson (Seems like a nice guy with a great life story but the pyramid thing was just too weird)
    3. Rubio (Now we’re getting down to the real bottom feeders. Has there ever been anyone who flip flopped more than this guy. At one time he did have a sensible immigration policy. Now, who knows)
    4. Cruz (He is really, really scary. His likeability is at absolute zero. On top of that he is playing the dirty tricks game. Worked for Carl Rove in 2000 and given the catastrophe of the Bush years that should give everyone pause when considering this guy)
    5. Trump (He really believes the horrible stuff he says. Unbelievable)
    6. Bush (Maybe with a fourth or fifth place finish we’ll finally see the end of the Bush family attempt to create a dynasty. The thought of the W re-treads rearing their ugly neocon heads gives me the biggest chills of all)

    1. Bryan Caskey

      “Before talking about politics I’m going to say something really controversial. After much thought and reflection along with plenty of experimentation I’ve concluded that I just don’t like IPAs. There I said it.”

      I sort of agree. The current trend of everything having a boatload of hops is way overdone. Some hops is okay in a beer, but I don’t want to feel like I’m drinking a pine tree. Also, when I’ve been outside on a hot day and want a beer, a big hoppy IPA isn’t what I want. I want something more like a wheat beer.

      Bud and I agree. LessHops2016

      1. Doug Ross

        Naturally, I am a hoppy beer fan. I drank a different beer every day last year. Of the 365, I’d guess 40% were IPAs. Plenty of great ones from the Charlotte breweries like Birdsong, NoDa, and Ass Clown.

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        I’ve never had a good IPA in this country. I have this theory that Americans don’t know what the letters stand for.

        The best beer I tried in England, though, was a proper IPA. It was Fuller’s Bengal Lancer India Pale Ale. Very refreshing. And they served it to me ice-cold, probably because the barman took me for a Yank.

        It successfully washed away the taste of the ESB I’d just had and not particularly enjoyed…

        1. Brad Warthen Post author

          American IPAs taste heavy, which to me seems the precise opposite of what one wants after a hard, hot day of soldiering and building the Empire on the subcontinent…

          1. Doug Ross

            Not sure which IPAs you’ve tried, but the ones I drink like Lagunitas or Ballast Point don’t taste heavy at all.

            The worst beer I had last year was called O’Soo Oyster Stout from Binford Brewing in Lancaster ( that should have been the first red flag) . Tasted like sea water.


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