Anyone having technical trouble on the blog?

Last night, I got this from Bryan:

I responded that it was OK at my end, although a bit slow.

Then, this morning, I saw that I got this from the entity that hosts my site:

This email is to inform you that we had to kill one
of your MySql queries because it had been running
for over 1 minute and it was impacting other users.

Kill one of my MySql series? What should I do? I suppose could kill one of theirs back (if I could find out where it lived), but then the cycle of revenge could be never-ending…

In any case, have any of y’all experienced technical difficulties here on the blog in the last 24 hours?

3 thoughts on “Anyone having technical trouble on the blog?

  1. Jeff

    I couldn’t load your site on Feb 20th. I switched my router’s DNS servers from my Time Warner’s to Google’s and it worked again.


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