I take back every good thing I ever said about Christie. Obviously, I was WRONG

33 thoughts on “I take back every good thing I ever said about Christie. Obviously, I was WRONG

  1. Stanley Dubinsky

    He wants the VP spot on the ticket (which he wouldn’t get from Rubio, ever). Good gamble on his part.

    1. Phillip

      Normally I would say there’s no way Christie would get the VP nod from Trump, either, because A) he brings no geographic balance to the ticket and B) that would make two hot-headed guys with vindictive streaks on the ticket. But then again, it’s Trump we’re talking about, and so the normal “laws of political physics” do not apply, so maybe he would get picked.

      1. Bryan Caskey

        This is the beginning of a massive pivot to the left for Trump. But I agree with your initial inclination. Christie isn’t going to be Trump’s VP. He brings absolutely nothing to the table. Two Northeastern guys who are similar in many ways? Nah, Trump will toss Christie the AG slot or something like that.

        Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.

      2. bud

        Christie would be the perfect VP for Trump. He would be capable of performing the actual duties of POTUS. In the meantime Trump could host fancy dinner parties and travel. He’d become something comparable to the British monarch.

  2. Doug Ross

    The times they are a changin’.

    Can you imagine Trump and Christie going after Hillary this summer? She THINKS she’s had to tough so far from Republicans in Congress.

  3. Brad Warthen Post author

    Now, Bryan brings this to my attention:

    I might have fulminated about that if it hadn’t just come after the far WORSE thing that Christie just did.

    This is just Nikki being a loyal, unthinking party member.

    Truth is, the only SC Republican I know of who almost certainly WON’T vote for Trump if he’s the nominee is Lindsey Graham.

    Here’s what Lindsey’s saying. And as usual, he’s right:

    1. Howard

      So let me get this straight. If Trump is nominated Haley will support Trump? Who else would she support… Clinton?

    2. bud

      Spare me Lindsey. The GOP has been bat**** crazy for decades. Donald Trump is just another very typical Republican manifestation. Shutting down the government. Not approving judicial nominees. Dozens of votes to repeal the ACA. Wars based on lies. Supporting torture. Birtherism. Building walls but not roads. Closing bridges. Trump’s rise is well within the character of this renegade party. Sadly this is really nothing outside the “normal” behavior of the GOP.

      1. Howard

        And the Democrats are such level headed individuals, look at their top two leaders…. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. An entitled elitist and the weird uncle no family ever talks about.

    1. Doug Ross

      Republicans like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner killed the party. George Bush’s disastrous second term was probably the catalyst. The downfall accelerated with McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin as his running mate. Everything that has happened in the last year is a response to poor leadership and execution by establishment Republicans.

      1. clark surratt

        Now that the Republican Party is dead, what are they going to do with that overwhelming advantage they have in state governors, state legislatures and U.S. House? And last fall’s odd year elections were about their best ever, including several upsets of Demos. RIP.

        1. Doug Ross

          I agree that the party isn’t dead but it is in the midst of a transition. Rand Paul winning a Senate seat was another sign of the coming change.

          1. bud

            Given their control of most state legislatures, governors, the US house and senate it seems strange to be writing the party’s obituary.

    2. Howard

      As Doug said a week or two ago, the Democratic party isn’t any better. Who will they run in 2020 if Hillary doesn’t win the election?

      1. Bryan Caskey

        The Democratic party has the advantage of being unified. The Republican “coalition” of the country club types, evangelicals, and limited government types is disintegrating.

        1. Howard

          Ah… “unified”. Is that their catch word these days? The commercials I see locally are all pandering for the black vote not the local Democratic vote.

          So who’s going to run? The best they could come up with for this election was the candidate who says she’s entitled to the Presidency and some crazy old man that most hadn’t ever heard of before he announced his candidacy. Someone needs to explain to Hillary, that she’s already run the country for 8 years, she can’t run it for another 8.

        2. bud

          That’s because the so called “country club” types, plutocrats really, misled the theocrats and objectivists. Now they’ve caught on. The result is Trump.

          1. Howard

            So if I understand you correctly, there are no Democrats in country clubs. Is that what you’re saying? Are they instead out reading to the blind, feeding the hungry, and helping old ladies across streets?

            1. bud

              Are they instead out reading to the blind, feeding the hungry, and helping old ladies across streets?

              When we’re not saving the environment, bringing about world peace and healing the sick. 🙂

      2. Norm Ivey

        Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Julian or Joaquin Castro would generate the most interest. I think John Hickenlooper, Sherrod Brown, and Tim Kaine probably all will consider it.

        1. Doug Ross

          Warren will be 71 in 2020, three years older than Hillary is now. Is she one of the fresh faces of the party?

          The rest have zero name recognition, zero national presence. They would have to start now to establish any chance. Maybe if Hillary picks one of them as her running mate, he’ll have a shot. Whoever is on the ticket will be the leader for 2020.

  4. Karen Pearson

    I’ll give you odds that if Trump is nominated, Mr. Lindsay will get behind him. He’s caved too often to stop now.

      1. Juan Caruso

        Quite right, Howard, at least until the arrogant-little-lawyer Lindsey admits he has always really been a Democrat.

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