Marco’s ‘media maestro,’ our own Wesley Donehue

Meet Marco’s digital media maestro: Wesley Donehue

You may have thought Wesley Donehue had already had his one and only brush with fame when he had yours truly on his show, Pub Politics, nineĀ times.

You could be forgiven for thinking so.

But these days, he’s going great guns acting as Marco Rubio’s digital maestro, as CNN puts it. This is evidently a wild ride, and Wesley seems to be thoroughly enjoying it — as would I, in his place.

Watch the video above…


2 thoughts on “Marco’s ‘media maestro,’ our own Wesley Donehue

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Oops! I said I’d been on Pub Politics 10 times, but no one ever did that. I was only on it nine times. Of course, that’s still the world record and then some.

    I could have been on it 10 times, but the show ended — with me as the very last guest.

    So I didn’t quit on Pub Politics. Pub Politics quit on me.

    Speaking of which — I ran into Joel Sawyer (sometime substitute host on the show) last night, and he mentioned how Columbia could use a forum like that again. A place where folks from opposite ends of the spectrum can get together over a beer and have more or less civil conversations about politics.

    Which gets me to thinking…

  2. Jeff Mobley

    In 2014, Wesley, and the other folks at Push Digital, including Joel, who were in the middle of working hard for a bunch of clients, like Tom Cotton of Arkansas, were also kind enough to set up my campaign website for me as an in-kind contribution to the campaign. Won’t forget it.

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