Sound advice from fellow South Carolinian Kathleen Parker

This is from her Facebook feed, not a column:

I wish I could tell you all everything I know about the Republican candidates. I can’t in a public forum, but you’d do well to focus on governors.12190791_10205363608186377_7591590836823279115_n

Governance isn’t easy and it’s crucial to have experience. Be wary of those who run for the Senate only to immediately start running for president and who will do anything to get there, even shut down the government, which ultimately hurts the party. Watch out for anyone waving a Bible. Some live as Christians; others proclaim their Christianity. Re-read “Elmer Gantry.” En fin, experience really does matter, folks. Most important, ask yourself, whom would our military troops most admire and respect because that person may well ask them to march into horror and possible death. Also, think hard about the Supreme Court and what the candidates say about what they’d seek. Speaking for myself, I prefer non-ideological justices who honor the text and original intent but ALSO context, which means attentive to the present as well. Wisdom, restraint, intelligence, courage, strength, a disciplined mind, a light heart – and humiliity. These are the qualities we seek even in our friends, isn’t it?

Amen to all that.

Yes, go for those who have governed and taken it seriously. Such as… And always, at all times, vote for the Grownup.

7 thoughts on “Sound advice from fellow South Carolinian Kathleen Parker

  1. Jeff Mobley

    I don’t get this, “I can’t tell you what I know” stuff. If it’s important for voters to know, and if she thinks it would impact folks’ decisions if they knew it, then why the heck not? Weird.

    1. Barry

      Media that cover these folks closely always know more personal stuff than they can report.

      Same is true in the sports media business.

  2. Juan Caruso

    By the way, Parker is married to an attorney, and in my recollection has NEVER recommended any presidential candidate who was not. Are Parker’s opinion’s (see below) ever worthwhile to any but Democratics?

    In her January 2016 WaPo opinion piece ( “Nikki Haley’s Righteous Gamble”) Kathleen Parker opined that a Marco Rubio-Nikki Haley team would be a GOP dream ticket: “They [Rubio-Haley] would completely collapse the smallish Republican tent of older white males, and build a rainbow-hued edifice of diversity…”

    As an independent voter informed by a broad spectrum of news for decades, I long ago came to consider Kathleen’s Parker’s advice/opinions targeted to women with gender axes to grind. I not only consider her January “dream ticket” advcice to the RNC balderdash, I totally agree with what Townhall said about it in January:

    “A political columnist who characterizes Republic[h]an voters as mindless dolts, who are easily led, psychologically disturbed, and in need of a Fuhrer-like leader is certainly one who the party should not consult for constructive advice.”

    1. Barry

      Parker liked Reagan a lot. He wasn’t an attorney.

      Parker is fairly conservative.

      I find her to be on target most of the time.

      1. Juan Caruso

        Really, if Parker has been a columnist since 1987, during Reagan’s latter years in office (1981-1989).
        Whatever did columnist Kathleen Parker ever write favorably about Reagan, Barry?

        Kathleen Parker is on record stating the following:

        “I’m a big fan of Barack Obama as he came into office, and was not one of those Republicans who wanted him to do badly. I didn’t want him to fail.”

        “I’m not actually a registered Republican.”

        “There, it’s only because I’m a conservative basher that I’m now recognized after 23 years of toiling in the fields, right?”
        Roanld Reagan is a presidential icon for us modern conservatives. How can Parker bash conservatives and yet “liked Reagan a lot” —where have you find such evidence, pray tell?

        1. Barry

          She’s conservative- she’s not a tea party conservative and she’s level headed and practical.

          She was a fan of Reagan and couldn’t stand Bush “haters” as she called them. I can link articles proving it- but they aren’t hard to find- and I am not inclined to prove the obvious to you or anyone else.

          She thought Sarah Palin should drop out of the VP race- and I agreed with her. Palin wasn’t prepared, and was a terrible choice.

          Heck, even sites like The Blaze refer to her as conservative. She’s just not their type of conservative.

          I see her more as a traditional conservative Democrat – like my grandfather was all his life.

          She use to live in Camden, SC. Not sure if that’s still the case.

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