Strassel: ‘Trump Is the Ultimate Insider’

From the WSJ’s Kimberley A. Strassel, in Friday’s paper:

The Nevada entrance polls show the billionaire won voters who are angry with the federal government, who want an “outsider” in the office and who want “change.” They don’t care about policies. They want someone to “stick it to the man.”

And therein lies Mr. Trump’s vulnerability. Because, you see, Donald Trump is the man. An outsider to the elite society that Washington inhabits? An avenging angel of a faltering working class? Laugh. Out. Loud. This is the man who was born to a silver spoon, who self-selected a life strictly in the company of the rich and powerful, and who built a fortune by using his connections and sticking it to the little guy.

Of all the Republicans on the stage, he is the only insider. Ted Cruz is not to be seen regularly in the company of hotel and casino magnates, movie producers, celebrity athletes and others with privileged access to Washington brokers. Marco Rubio did not have Bill and Hillary Clinton at his wedding. John Kasich would have to beg for an audience with people who jump to return Mr. Trump’s calls.

It was amusing in the CBS debate on Feb. 13 to hear the titan complain that the audience was stacked with “special interest” donors. He’d know. He likely recognized them from lunches at his golf clubs. This is a guy so disconnected from and uninterested in the average American that he refers to his voters in generic stereotypes. “I love the poorly educated,” he gushed after the Nevada caucuses. You can almost picture him, like Felonius Gru in “Despicable Me,” surveying his crowds of identical Minions. Though at least Gru knew that one is named Kevin….

9 thoughts on “Strassel: ‘Trump Is the Ultimate Insider’

  1. Doug Ross

    That was a real stretch. I didn’t realize celebrity athletes and movie producers were running the country. We can see how much of an insider Trump is by all the establishment politicians who are endorsing him.

  2. Howard

    It’s a good thing that Ronald Reagan isn’t running, because this hack journalist would be all over herself.

    Is she saying that US Senators and state governors don’t have access to people in power? Is the WSJ really gone down this far that they have to hire WIS quality reporters?

  3. bud

    The WSJ editorial page is a joke. Probably on par with the National Enquirer. Trump certainly cannot relate to working class Americans. But that does not make him a political insider. He has never been elected to any kind of political office. By definition that makes him an outsider. I dislike Trump as much as anyone but if you’re going to attack him at least get the narrative correct.


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