Things seem to be lining up to create Mo for Marco in SC

The Rubio camp released the above video today.

It’s kind of minimalist — doesn’t say a lot. But then, TV ads tend to be that way; this one just seems more that way than most.

But it brings up the subject of… Things are building a bit for Marco Rubio in South Carolina, a state that he had always planned to do well in.

He won the Mainstream Republican race in Iowa… Tim Scott endorsed him… now Rick Santorum has done the same

… which national observers think won’t mean much in New Hampshire, but could mean a good bit here in the Bible Belt — specifically, in South Carolina.

Are they right? I don’t know. But I’m sensing some Mo for Marco.

No, I take that back. I’m not actually feeling the Mo yet. It’s like surfing — when you feel your board rising, it’s a bit late to start paddling to catch it. This is more like when you’re looking over your shoulder and seeing what could turn into a righteous wave by the time it gets to you…

5 thoughts on “Things seem to be lining up to create Mo for Marco in SC

  1. Jeff Mobley

    I think a lot depends on how Jeb! does in New Hampshire. If he has an impressive showing, that will mean two things: 1) You’ll start seeing Jeb! “comeback” stories all over the place, and 2) such a showing will almost certainly mean that Rubio underperformed expectations in New Hampshire, though he’ll probably still be in the top tier.

    If (big if, I grant you) that does happen, then there’s going to be an absolutely incessant onslaught of attacks on Rubio from all sides: Cruz will attack from a step to the right, Jeb will attack from half a step to the left, Trump will attack “from wherever”. Rubio’s momentum may be blunted.

    If, on the other hand, Jeb! finishes, say, 5th or worse in New Hampshire, he may just drop out (and he certainly should, in that case). If this happens, then a significant number of the folks who would have attacked Rubio here in SC will either go away or join him.

    On Rubio’s other side, his rivalry with Cruz is heating up, and I’m concerned it could damage both of them, leaving Trump a perfect chance to come roaring back. I would much prefer that both of them direct their fire at Trump, and put him away, before tearing into each other. Each might, for his own strategic reasons, like for Trump to stay in the race, but that is a dangerous game.

    That’s how I see it, anyway.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Yeah, New Hampshire is like… it’s like this sandbar that the swell has to go over before it gets to you and your board, and depending on its conformations…

      Oh, never mind. I think I’ve more than exhausted the possibilities of the surfing metaphor already…

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Hey, everybody wipes out — that’s pretty much all I did in my pitiful attempts at surfing.

      But I was smarter than this guy — I confined my surfing to Barber’s Point on Oahu, instead of doing my wiping out at Peahi, a.k.a. Jaws, on Maui…


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