Hey, you know what ELSE affects how much sleep I get?


Yeah, I know, I know; I should have fixed this on my phone the last time it happened and I complained about it.

But I forgot. Now that I’ve had this fresh incident, I’ve fixed it. I don’t think it will happen again.

Anyway, I’m kind of a zombie today. I woke up twice during the night because of the poison ivy that is aggressively trying to take over my left leg (I’m going to see my allergist this afternoon to talk over strategies for combating it — boots on the ground will not be off the table, far as I’m concerned).

Then this, at 5:52 a.m. What with all the itching, I never dozed back off for any of the precious hour and 23 minutes left until my alarm went off.

Yeah, I shoulda taken care of this sooner. At the same time, I do want to complain on behalf of people who don’t know how to turn off such notifications.

The category of things that I want news sources to wake me up for is very, very narrow. “Tornado bearing down on YOUR house, specifically!” is pretty much it.

The last thing I need to be awakened for is advice on how to get more sleep…

4 thoughts on “Hey, you know what ELSE affects how much sleep I get?

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Regarding that “boots on the ground” metaphor above….

    A better one might be that I’m planning on calling in an artillery strike on my own position. It’s that bad. I’m being overrun.

    This ordeal started a little over two weeks ago, with a bad case of poison ivy breaking out on my forearms after working in the part of my yard where the nasty stuff normally grows, but was not yet visible (I think we must have pulled up some roots or something — we saw none of the telltale three leaves).

    I called my doc then and he agreed I should take prednisone, and he also called in an ointment. I started getting better within a day.

    But as I was taking the last of the prednisone, a whole new outbreak occurred on my leg, eventually covering more territory than the original rash. It’s gotten bad now.

    So I’m ready to undergo the process again — and if you haven’t taken prednisone before, you don’t understand why that is an extreme measure. The side effects, from nervousness to upset stomach to sleeplessness, are not fun.

    But a desperate situation calls for desperate measures…

    1. Bryan Caskey

      Poison ivy is horrible, especially for folks who are more reactive to it than normal.

      By the by, when you start plotting its destruction, just make sure you don’t consider burning it. The oils in the leaves (the bad stuff) get airborne and you can actually get the oils in your lungs from the smoke. You think poison ivy is bad when it’s outside your body? Imagine it in your nasal passages and lungs.

      Oh, and if you’re pulling it out by the roots, the roots of the plant are even worse than the leaves with regard to the oils.

      Nuke it from orbit. That’s the only safe way to be sure.

  2. Karen Pearson

    I’m trying to figure out how to turn “facebook” alerts off. Someone suggested I could do so from Facebook, but I can’t figure out how.


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