Of COURSE they should play ‘Creep,’ because it’s the best thing they ever came up with

From the universe of self-involved artistes comes this bit of good news:

Radiohead actually played “Creep” during their concert in Paris this evening

All this makes tonight’s setlist in Paris a really big deal, because Radiohead actuallyperformed “Creep”.

“This is for the funny guy shouting ‘Creep’ in the back,” Yorke said prior to the performance. “Only to shock you.” That’s an understatement. 

In addition to “Creep”, Radiohead performed “True Love Waits” for the first time since the release of A Moon Shaped Pool, and delivered the tour debuts of “No Surprises” and “Pyramid Song”….

Nice of them, isn’t it, to actually play what the fans who’ve made them rich actually want to hear?

Radiohead has produced quite a few listenable songs — “No Surprises,” “Fake Plastic Trees,” “High and Dry,” and so forth — but the one song that made them so effing special that we stopped to listen to the other songs they produced was “Creep.” It was the one that reached out and grabbed us, and pulled us in.

And so we’re willing to listen when Spotify offers us such recent recordings as “Burn the Witch” and “Daydreaming,” even though they’re more like Muzak than they are like the songs we love.

Fortunately, after “Burn the Witch,” Spotify offers “Creep,” which wakes our senses back up…

Fortunately, after "Burn the Witch," Spotify offers "Creep."

Fortunately, after “Burn the Witch,” Spotify offers “Creep.”

4 thoughts on “Of COURSE they should play ‘Creep,’ because it’s the best thing they ever came up with

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Apparently (not that I’ve paid much attention), for years Radiohead has been in John Lennon mode — despising their own popularity and what led to it.

    In Paris, they gave that audience a little Paul McCartney — the guy who will oblige us with “All My Loving” and “Hey, Jude” until the day he dies.

    They gave a little love. And that’s all you need, isn’t it?…

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    Sometimes my pop-culture posts are a hit and draw a bunch of comments, and sometimes they fall completely flat.

    I wish I understood what separated those two categories…

    1. Bryan Caskey


      Me, I just don’t listen to Radiohead, so I don’t have much to say about it.

      Movies, I’m almost always game for, though.

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        And yet, you’re about the right age for Radiohead.

        Which shows how the music market has splintered in recent decades.

        With someone my age, you can fairly easily guess what might stir nostalgic feeling, and perhaps even impassioned debate.

        It’s not that music was all alike in my youth. It was pretty diverse. But the media outlets were so few that we all heard the same diverse music.

        Play something from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. Simon and Garfunkel, Herb Alpert, Sergio Mendez, Petula Clark, Burt Bacharach, or some of the one-hit wonders such as the Troggs, the Kingsmen, the Standells… it will evoke a response…

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