One of Robert’s best cartoons EVER

stain on a dress

It’s been interesting to watch the writers at The Wall Street Journal begin their shift from fighting the Trump juggernaut with all their might (standing alongside me in pushing for Kasich), to getting back into their comfort zone by going after Hillary.

This column today, reminding us of all the Clinton scandals, is a case in point.

As if people who know better have an alternative to Hillary, not matter how many unpleasant memories she represents.

I’m not joining that trend, but it reminds me of something, so I thought I’d share this, one of Robert Ariail’s best ever. Bill Clinton was a huge inspiration to Robert, which is one reason why he was a Pulitzer finalist twice during that era.

This one, from 1998 I believe, exhibits one of Robert’s signature strengths — his inspired use of language as well as his drawing ability.

I was looking for this cartoon yesterday to stick into a comment, but since Robert went to the trouble to dig it up for me, I thought I’d give it better play than that.

2 thoughts on “One of Robert’s best cartoons EVER

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Some artists draw wonderful caricatures, but lack ability with words. Some are good with the words, but their drawing isn’t as strong. Some are good at both, but simply lack the inspired ideas for bringing those talents together in a great, topical cartoon with a point.

    Robert has it all.

  2. Robert

    Thanks, Brad, you’re very generous! But, as I remember, you gave me the inspiration for the punchline . Mine was OK, but you suggested something along the lines of what I ended up with. So, kudos to you, my friend! As I have always said, you are the only editor who thinks like a cartoonist. I miss our days together.


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