Open Thread for Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Unfortunately, Indiana also seems to want Donald Trump, which means we’re all in trouble. If you’d like to comment on that or anything else, type away:

  1. Indiana Votes, in What Could Be Knockout Blow in Races — If you have thoughts as the results come in, leave them here. Me, I’m fantasizing that Cruz gets fed up and quits after tonight, and Kasich starts getting the attention he deserves, and manages to win enough delegates in the remaining primaries to deny Trump a first-ballot win. Hey, it could happen. If Donald Trump can be on the verge of obtaining a once-great party’s nomination, anything can happen. Oh, you don’t believe in underdogs? I refer you to “Hoosiers.” See photo below.
  2. Democrats’ Brand Is Bad, But Republicans’ Is Way Worse — I sense it approaching… the UnParty Moment!
  3. US accuses Russia of nuclear sabre-rattling, amid NATO tensions — While we make a mockery of the process of choosing our commander in chief, there’s some serious s__t going on in the world…
  4. American killed as U.S. troops get closer to Islamic State battle in Iraq — As this administration continues its excruciatingly gradual escalation, at what point do we drop the “adviser” shtick, and go after ISIL?
  5. Father-daughter dance canceled following complaints at elementary school — The complaint apparently was that a lot of kids are left out by a father-daughter dance. After having worked with the SC Center for Fathers and Families for several years, I’ve been acutely aware of the severe problem of father absence in far too many families. This dramatizes it.
"OK, boys -- we're gonna run the picket fence at 'em!"

“OK, boys — we’re gonna run the picket fence at ’em!”


9 thoughts on “Open Thread for Tuesday, May 3, 2016

  1. Doug Ross

    “Father-daughter dance canceled following complaints at elementary school”

    The “everyone gets a trophy” mentality is chugging along quite nicely. If someone might be offended, hurt, bothered a little by anything, it’s best to not mention it at all. No sense throwing the whole idea of a daughter having a father who would show up for an event in another kid’s face.

    1. Mark Stewart

      Maybe it’s a good wake-up call to the single mother industrial/legal complex?

      Not saying there are not too many bad dads around, but … they aren’t alone. Sadly.

      Kids deserve more. All of them.

  2. Doug Ross

    Well, Brad, you got what you wanted. Trump vs. Kasich, mano y mano.

    How many of the remaining states will Kasich win? He will have to win most, right, to demonstrate he’s the more viable candidate? If he doesn’t beat Trump in California, it won’t matter anyway. Maybe he can name Arnold Schwarzenegger as his VP ?

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      He doesn’t have to win any, as long as Trump doesn’t get the magic number.

      He’s already won. Out of 17 original candidates, he’s the only viable one left. The Republicans’ only chance to win in November and avoid losing Congress.

      He’s it.

      1. Doug Ross

        He doesn’t have to win any? You are delusional now.

        Trump has an easy path to the nomination. It’s over.

      2. Howard

        Maybe if they named it the father/baby-daddy daughter dance things would work out better. There have always been exceptions at these dances… uncles, grandfathers, neighbors, etc… filing for the father. This is just the norm today, one or two get upset they ruin it for the rest.

      3. Howard

        If he’s “it”, then the situation is more pathetic than originally thought.

        Kasich will be lucky to pick up 10 of the total remaining delegates. Even at a contested convention it’d be a dozen votes before he even broke 20%.


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