The difference between Pope Francis and the High Sparrow


I mean; aside from the fact that one is fictional.

Anyway, someone brought the above to my attention this morning.

OK, yeah, there’s a superficial resemblance… and as my interlocutor (my son-in-law) said, “The high sparrow takes his vow of poverty seriously, displaying a humility that makes me wonder if the actor actually IS portraying Pope Francis…”

But here’s the difference: The High Sparrow is WAY more interested in directly exercising worldly power.

The High Sparrow is more like a medieval pope in that respect. And in Westeros, that’s an innovation; things are moving in that direction — in our world, they tend the other way.

When the Pope holds a head of state (or anyone else) prisoner, or forces another to atone for his or her sins by walking naked through a city, get back to me…

2 thoughts on “The difference between Pope Francis and the High Sparrow

  1. Jeff Mobley

    I don’t actually watch Game of Thrones, so I see the actor (Jonathon Pryce?) as Elliot Carver, the Bond villain from Tomorrow Never Dies.


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