The guy Sarah Palin is endorsing over Paul Ryan

Sarah Palin is so thoroughly ticked at House Speaker Paul Ryan — for oh-so-gently declining to immediately bow down before Donald Trump — that she is endorsing his primary opponent.

Above is his campaign video. No, I don’t think he’s being brutally ironic, mocking the middle-school machismo of other Republican campaign videos (such as my personal favorite, Ted Cruz’ “Machine-Gun Bacon,” which didn’t involve an actual machine gun, but never mind; it’s the strutting that counts).

I think he’s serious — something I might have doubted before this election year.

The guy in the video, by the way, is grateful for ex-Gov. Palin’s endorsement. I don’t think he’s joking about that, either.

2016 should have come with an official tagline: “They’re Not Kidding”…

5 thoughts on “The guy Sarah Palin is endorsing over Paul Ryan

  1. Karen Pearson

    I can deal with what he looks like, but what are his positions, his ethics; what does he want?

  2. Margaret Pridgen (Maggie)

    And these guys accuse Hillary Clinton of playing the “gender card” just by virtue of being a woman.

  3. Karen Pearson

    Yes this guy looks like he’d be the first to tell/show you how large his hands are. Wonderful hands. The biggest hands. And blah, blah,blah.

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