Apparently, Hillary is more ‘with it’ than I am


I saw the reporting on this Tweet from Hillary Clinton, in reply to Donald Trump:

… and I was like, “Yeah, OK. So?” To me, it seemed to be an extremely unimaginative response, smacking slightly of authoritarianism (as though Hillary had, along with winning the nomination, just been named Hall Monitor of Twitter).

Apparently, it’s a thing, and the kids loved it:

Can we get you some ice for that burn, Donald?

Hillary Clinton shut down presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on Thursday with a simple, three-word tweet to end all beefs.

Clinton’s tweet — repurposing a well-known and beloved Internet meme — was in response to Trump’s reaction that President Barack Obama had endorsed Clinton (his former Secretary of State) for the 2016 election. …

Well, the fact that that lame response was “a well-known and beloved internet meme” was entirely news to me, so I followed the link to the alleged best uses of the meme ever.

And you know what? Each of those struck me as just as flat and uninteresting and blah as when Hillary used it. To much-younger Twitter-users, though, it is the distilled essence of wit, or so I’m told.

Huh. They don’t ask for much, do they?

But even if the first thousand or so uses of the line were just high-larious (which I doubt, but let’s just say they were), it still shows a lack of imagination for Hillary to use it instead of coming up with something original.

And as “burns” go, it seems decidedly tepid.

But as I say, apparently the kids loved it, and isn’t that the point when you’re Hillary, and desperate for some of that juice that Bernie has with the young?

The reaction she’s gotten probably has the Democrat just hugging herself, saying, “I’m with it. I’m groovy. I’m fab. I’m a hepcat. 23 skidoo…”

11 thoughts on “Apparently, Hillary is more ‘with it’ than I am

  1. Lynn Teague

    Hillary is actually probably thinking “that worked, good job by social media team.” At least I hope she has the sense to leave that kind of media activity to a pro on her campaign team.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Here’s how big the staff is that Hillary has to do such things, according to the WSJ:

      Mrs. Clinton has 21 press aides including a communications director, a lead press secretary, a day-to-day spokesman, a travelling press secretary, a rapid-response director, a rapid-response spokesperson and a variety of handlers dedicated to regional and specialized outlets. This is what it takes to drive a coherent national message….

      But you know what? I don’t care how big my staff was, or how busy I was — I wouldn’t want someone else writing my Tweets. I might want a smart editor — a Cindi Scoppe, so my standards are high — to read them behind me (I was recently startled to look back at Tweets I wrote in Thailand, usually while hurrying down the street and dictating, and to see all the uncaught typos). But I wouldn’t want anyone to write them for me.

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        Actually, what would be awesome would be if I could just dictate them to somebody. I don’t need to see whether it fit or not — all those years of writing headlines gave me a really good sense of length in a tight context.

        That’s really the most tedious part about Tweeting — actually typing it on those unnatural iPhone “keyboards.”

        Dictating to my phone saves time, but you have to do a lot of correcting…

  2. Doug Ross

    If I were Trump, at the first debate I would say “Hillary, if you can log into Twitter and write a single tweet, I will drop out of the race today”.

    Why should we care what one of her paid lackeys wrote?

    She is so far removed from the real world it’s not funny. Doesn’t drive. Wears $12K jackets. Democrats are so easily duped.

  3. Brad Warthen Post author

    Oh, and when I talk about “kids,” here’s what I mean…

    The writer who thought that was such a “burn” was still in college in 2012. OK, that was graduate school, but she got her bachelor’s in 2010. That means she was just graduating high school when Twitter was born.

    Only one of my five children is that young…

  4. Bart

    Trump held his own in his reply to Hillary’s Tweet. “How long did it take your staff of 823 people to think that up — and where are your 33,000 emails that you deleted?” Really? Is this what the American people actually need in the candidates for POTUS?

    At last, Judy Collins’ hit, “Send in the Clowns”, will be become a reality for the next 5 months. Maybe Hillary and Donald can fit in the little car but will there be room for all the excess baggage they bring to the 3-ring circus?

  5. Bart

    Looking at the photo with her arms spread wide, all she needs now is the Titanic as a backdrop while she proclaims, “I AM THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD!!!!!”

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