Open Thread for Thursday, June 30, 2016

Canadian PM Trudeau Tweeted out this selfie, which POTUS reTweeted...

Canadian PM Trudeau last night Tweeted out this selfie, which POTUS reTweeted. Anyone besides me think our modern leaders are lacking gravitas?

Well, we have one rather startling story to lead off with:

  1. Coastal Carolina wins College World Series — Wow. Not sure how this even happens. This seems to be one of those Milan, Indiana-type moments.
  2. Boris Johnson, ‘Brexit’ Leader, Won’t Run for Prime Minister — Another shocker. Makes me envy the Brits. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, right on the verge of getting his party’s nomination, Donald Trump said, “Never mind”?
  3. Who is Michael Gove? Britain’s real-life Frank Underwood — Actually, I think in the original British version, his name was Francis Urquhart.
  4. Connor Shaw released by Cleveland — How about that? Two sports stories in one day! Are y’all pumped or what?
  5. Pentagon lifts ban on transgender troops in military — Initial reports I saw on my phone said transgender folk will be allowed to serve “openly.” Made me wonder how they’d keep it a secret. Maybe they don’t have short-arm inspections in the Army any more…

10 thoughts on “Open Thread for Thursday, June 30, 2016

  1. David Carlton

    Gravitas? Actually, as someone who is old enough to remember when presidents on TV and in the movies were depicted as disembodied voices coming from deep armchairs while a scottish terrier scampered around, I think the present looseness is an improvement.

  2. Bryan Caskey

    Both sports stories are well received. Love that Coastal won the National Title. The boys from Conway play the game the right way and are a class act off the field.

    Similarly, Shaw is a great person and will land on his feet no matter what he does.

  3. Bryan Caskey

    Oh, and don’t let anyone from Coastal hear you say they’re like the Milan, Indiana team. Coastal Carolina baseball has been really good for years.

    Don’t forget, in 2010 Coastal Carolina hosted the Super Regional that the Gamecocks had to go through to get to Omaha. (Meaning Coastal Carolina was a higher seed than the Gamecocks the year the Gamecocks won the title.)

  4. Bart

    Coastal left the “satellite” school label behind a long time ago. They excel in football, basketball, and baseball. Their teams are always competetive and they have played for the national championship in their football division a couple of years ago. At one time, it was viewed as a place for students who couldn’t cut it in other colleges or universities but no longer.

    Nothing weird about the Chanticleers winning it all. As Bryan noted, the coaches and athletes are a class act across the board.

    This is great for Coastal and the state of South Carolina.

  5. Tex

    Transgender in the military. I’d put money on them never making it through boot camp. You don’t know what happens at Paris Island when they get away from the barracks and civilization. I bet things would really get interesting in the barracks after lights out.


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