Penny program starting to emphasize some results


The Penny tax program, with all its troubles, has realized that it had better start showing some results.

Hence the above release I received via e-mail yesterday.

It doesn’t erase their problems, but it’s smart of them to point out, “Hey, we’re doing something!”…

3 thoughts on “Penny program starting to emphasize some results

  1. Barry

    and the best part is that PR flyer announcing the update only required a handful of PR firms, and $250,000+

    1. Barry

      I’ll add though (and I had a discussion about this very thing this weekend with several families who have recently moved out of Richland County to neighboring counties) I live just outside RIchland County and try very hard to avoid buying anything in Richland County.

      I don’t have any problem with local option taxes. I choose to spend my money in neighboring counties that I believe are more accountable and responsible than is Richland.

  2. Karen Pearson

    Don’t we desperately need roads repaired and bridges built before we need some of these? Don’t get me wrong, these may be good ideas, but there are greater priorities right now. If nothing else, creating bike lanes in downtown Columbia would be a very good idea.

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