The return of Jon Stewart


For those of you who were fans — he’s scruffy, but he’s back.

The part where he shows clips of Fox News people praising Trump for things they criticized Obama for is pretty good…

4 thoughts on “The return of Jon Stewart

  1. Tex

    I got through part of it, I guess it might be funny… if you’re a Democrat. About as funny as Rachel Madcow.

  2. Karen Pearson

    Oh, were those fake clips of Hannity flip flopping? Did he lie? Or is the truth unfunny?

    1. Barry

      Hannity is so hypocritical.

      Jon Stewart is such a shill.

      Both are as predictable as a hot summer in Columbia.

      1. Doug Ross

        You can tell how partisan someone is by what they DON’T talk about. Had the emails that just got released been about the RNC instead of the DNC, I guarantee the response by the sheep would be different.

        Why can’t people see that BOTH parties are corrupt? A vote for Hillary is a vote for continuing the system of corruption.

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