Tweeting the Democratic convention, Wednesday night


As I did last night, I’m going to post my Tweets here as I post them, and y’all respond as you are moved to. I’m getting some good reactions on Twitter so far tonight.

As I type this, Biden and Bloomberg have spoken. POTUS and Kaine still to come. Just saw a PBS interview with Leon Panetta that makes me sorry I missed his speech. He apparently talked about the most important consideration (which too few in that hall, and at the GOP convention last week, think about or understand) — how extraordinarily dangerous Trump would be for the whole world.

Anyway, back to Twitter…

52 thoughts on “Tweeting the Democratic convention, Wednesday night

      1. Claus

        Go to any one of the embroidery kiosks at the mall and have them make one. Have a “Pish Posh” one made for Sundays.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      The more I think about that, the more extreme the comparison is… our best president, Lincoln. And his party last week nominated the WORST candidate, by far, ever to come this close to the presidency…

      1. Mark Stewart

        Don’t forget Buchanan; or any of the other 1850s Presidents. Trump would have been right in there that decade of national unravelling.

        1. Brad Warthen Post author

          Actually, I do tend to forget them. I get up through John Quincy Adams, then throw up my hands when Jackson is elected, and stop paying attention until 1860.

          Even though, from pursuing a side branch on my family tree recently, I discovered John Tyler was my 4th cousin, 5 times removed…

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