Trump Tower climber faces charges. Good.

It appalls me to see cops risking their lives to rescue this guy, who put them in danger for no good reason.

It appalls me to see cops risking their lives to rescue this guy, who put them in danger for no good reason.

I take a dim view of death-defying stunts, particularly when they are performed for no useful purpose — which is the case at least 99 percent of the time.

Evel Kneivel never held any charm for me. Those buses simply did not need to be jumped over. As for extreme sports — well, I have a personal rule about skydiving: I will jump out of a perfectly good airplane the next time it is absolutely necessary for someone to do so in order to liberate Europe from Hitler. Not before.

I especially look down on the kinds of stunts that attract extensive news coverage, thereby inspiring kids and unbalanced adults to emulate them.

So it is with the guy who climbed Trump Tower yesterday. His “purpose” was to meet Trump. And it’s hard to imagine a purpose less useful than that one.

But what gets me is that he caused NYPD cops to risk their necks rescuing him.

I read that he’s facing charges for what he did. Good.

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  1. Kathryn Fenner

    I recently accompanied (to the airport) a friend who wanted to sky-dive on her 80th birthday because her younger sister did so on her 70th. She reported back that she was terrified before the plane even reached its final altitude, which took ten minutes. The tandem guy refused to let her back out, and had to pry her arms open after she cleared the plane. She just kept saying she wanted to get on to the ground as soon as possible. I do not believe she derived any life-changing benefits from it except that she does not want to do stuff like that again. This was before the recent balloon crash and the deaths of a tandem pair when their ‘chutes didn’t open.
    I refuse to ride in any plane I cannot stand up in, and am only reluctantly taking one with only one aisle to my nephew’s wedding this fall….a commercial jet, but still….
    I do not understand these thrill seekers.

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    I’ve confessed before to having taken up kick-boxing at the age of 47. I didn’t know it was dangerous until I got the four broken ribs sparring. I never went back — to that dojo, anyway…

    1. Karen Pearson

      Maybe Brad can, I can’t. I think the subject is “I,” but it’s gone after that. I can’t even find a verb that I’m sure isn’t part of a subjunctive clause.

    2. Brad Warthen Post author

      Wow! And it never ends!

      I last diagrammed sentences in the 7th grade. I was pretty good at it. In fact, my diagrams were the best, classiest – they were great — just terrific!

      But this isn’t 7th-grade level. He’s just too smart for me. Ask him; he’ll tell you…


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