Cruz lost the nomination, but he’s running against Hillary anyway

You know, it would be hard to explain to an intelligent alien why Ted Cruz — who decidedly lost his bid to oppose Hillary Clinton this fall — is sending out email appeals that are essentially aimed at getting voters to join him in … opposing Hillary Clinton.

Yeah, we know that politicians are always raising money, and their preferred way to do that is to generate rage in their base, and the best way to do that if you dwell on the right fringe is to mention Hillary or Obamacare… but there’s no way to explain all that to a neutral, rational observer who hasn’t live with it for decades.

Anyway, this came into my In box six days ago, and I’m just now looking at it:

Cruz For

While the Clinton campaign and the Obama Administration may have wanted to bury the revelations from Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview over the holiday weekend, the story is even worse than any of us could have imagined.

Back during the presidential campaign, our team released a parody video about the lengths Hillary Clinton would go to hide her corruption and reckless handling of classified information. Little did we know at the time, how true this reenactment would turn out to be.


We wanted to share a recent headline with you from The Right Scoop:

REMINDER: This is how RIGHT Ted Cruz was about Hillary Clinton

What Senator Cruz said then and continues to believe now is that Hillary Clinton plays by a different set of rules than you or me, and she knows it.

< —– WATCH —–>

Even a CNN anchor reporting on the story could not hide her stunned reaction to the confirmation that Hillary Clinton aides destroyed Clinton’s old mobile phones by breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer.

Unfortunately for you and me, Hillary knows it’s “Good to be a Clinton”, which is why we must all stand together against this shameful double standard and for the rule of law — equally applied to everyone!


For liberty,

Team Cruz

P.S. – Despite the FBI calling her “extremely careless” Hillary Clinton has faced no consequences for mishandling classified information; please sign the petition today to send a message that the American people STAND AGAINST HILLARY!

Of course, there was a green DONATE button at the bottom.

Note that there’s no indication of how Ted plans to “stand against Hillary” with our help. There’s no indication of where this “petition” is headed, or what it is intended to accomplish, exactly — or even vaguely, for that matter.

It’s just about OPPOSING. And there you have American politics in the 21st century in a nutshell.

And no, there’s nothing remarkable or newsworthy about this email. I just think it’s important to stop now and then and note how absurd the routine has become…

3 thoughts on “Cruz lost the nomination, but he’s running against Hillary anyway

  1. John

    I’m intrigued by the bit of artwork in his name. Is it a patriotic tear shed for America? The tip of a burning fuse? There are so many possibilities. It’s also interesting how he’s a senator “for” Texas. I like Senators who are “for” the country and from a state.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I’m thinking that, since he’s so very ardent — what someone a couple of hundred years ago might have dismissively called an “enthusiast” — it’s supposed to be a flame.

      It reminds me of the drop of blood the Red Cross associates with blood drives…

      Royal Australian Navy Civilian Blood Ambassador Warrant Officer (WO) Chris Boardman with Billy the Blood drop at the 2016 Defence Blood Challenge launch, held at Red Cross Canberra Donor Centre on the 22 August, 2016. *** Local Caption *** This year marks the eighth annual Defence Blood Challenge. The Challenge is the Australian Red Cross Service's largest group challenge and targets all Australian Defence Force and Defence Public Servants and their families. Defence is part of Red25 which is a nation-wide network for organisations whose shared mission is to unite to save lives. Every Defence blood donation goes toward the tally and Red25's overall goal of contributing 25% of Australia's blood donations.


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