How has the storm affected you so far?


I’m just interested in collecting any stories you have of evacuating, or dealing with kids being home from school, or being prevented from doing things you had planned, or whatever.

My club was closed for breakfast this morning, so I made a smoothie and coffee at home. That’s about it for me personally.

My wife was taking care of all four of our grandchildren who live here into town this morning. They were having a good time when I left.

All that bottled water I bought Tuesday night is sitting there in my garage, probably to await the next emergency.

But then… the storm is still headed this way, and I don’t place absolute faith in those projections that say it will continue to glance off the coast. As I read the map, if it were to continue in the direction it’s going in right now, and not turn for the land or anything else, it would be coming straight at us, with the dangerous west side of the storm blowing straight through Columbia.

So I’m not ready to scoff at Matthew yet.

But how is it affecting you?…

10 thoughts on “How has the storm affected you so far?

  1. Scout

    I got a 3 day vacation to catch up on paperwork. I got to go see the Beatles film at Nickelodian that I would not have been able to fit in had it been a typical work day. Nothing else to report here so far. Hope everybody stays safe.

  2. Scout

    They do think landfall in SC is likely now. It is a category 2 now but still serious with storm surge.

  3. Norm Ivey

    Like Scout, I have an unexpected three days off. I roasted a pork butt on the grill and took care of some things for my dad while he’s in a rehab center after surgery. So I’ve taken advantage of the time to take things that I wanted to do and things that I needed to do.

  4. Dave Crockett

    My brother-in-law and sister-in-law moved out of Awendaw in their motor home (between Mt. Pleasant and Georgetown) on Wednesday to Aiken State Park. After the storm started moving farther eastward, they moved today to another park near Greenwood where they can stay until Sunday. If the storm surge comes as far as predicted, their home in Awendaw may well get flooded despite being a couple of miles inland. That would be Hugo, take two, where their home in Mt. Pleasant was completely flooded in 1989. Ditto for my now late mother-in-law, were she still with us.

    Stay tuned.

    1. Dave Crockett

      In-laws have received a report from other relatives that their homestead appears to have survived intact. While they may not have power for a while, they are planning to try to head home from the Greenwood campground on Monday (they might have to change sites tomorrow but they can stay at the facility as long as they need to, should that become necessary).

  5. Karen Pearson

    Stuck here as I am in rehab, it’s been a tsunami of boredom. How many crossword puzzles can I do? And I’ve had enough of “Armageddon ” TV (Trump or Matthew, take your pick.).

  6. Mark Stewart

    I will blow my top if Haley – or anyone – cancels any school district opening on Monday north of I-95.

    It used to be it was closing government offices to show how serious politicians were about “things”. Now it’s schools. It is capricious and it has to stop.

    Kids deserve to be in class Monday. That’s the bottom line. 100% of everything doesn’t have to be in place for that to happen.

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