I’ll be on Cynthia Hardy’s radio show at 6 p.m. tonight


… which should give me plenty of time to get back home from the Big DM way across town in time for what could prove to be (although I hope not) the last game of the World Series.

Cynthia Hardy

Cynthia Hardy

According to the text I received asking me to be on the show, we’ll be talking about “talking the importance of down-ballot votes, red states leaning blue, and the millennial vote.” Which sounds to me like the discussion could go almost anywhere, as long as we’re talking about the election.

I’m told that Allen Olson — whom I don’t know, but I assume it’s this Allen Olson — will be in the studio as well. Kathleen Parker may join us by phone, from wherever she is at the moment. And there could be another guest. I get the distinct impression¬†this show is a bit in flux — I was asked to participate this morning, although I usually get asked several days ahead of time.

So listen in, and if you’re inclined, call in…

3 thoughts on “I’ll be on Cynthia Hardy’s radio show at 6 p.m. tonight

  1. Ralph Hightower

    I’m pulling for the Indians. Who knew that a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer found a second career as a baseball player? Carlos Santana.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Well, I’m pretty much for the Cubbies, certainly tonight. Losing this at home would be TOO cruel.

      And Santana should be disqualified. We know his mama was a Black Magic Woman, and that’s not fair…

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    The show went OK. Kathleen didn’t join us, but Jon Parker, a Republican strategist who works with the Quinns (and represents Micah Caskey, loyal blog advertiser), did.

    Perhaps the most interesting thing was the presence of Allen Olson, who styles himself as a FORMER Tea Party guy, and someone who said he was opposed to Donald Trump until he heard him speak, after which he became a staunch supporter — kind of the opposite of the experience of most people I know. Allen is a self-employed carpenter who says he doesn’t feel free to put a Trump sticker on his truck because he’s afraid it will prevent him from getting work.

    I found myself sticking up for Allen at one point. A caller challenged him saying “Would you support Trump if he wasn’t a Republican?”

    I had to jump in there and say “Of COURSE Allen would support him if he weren’t a Republican, because, you know, he ISN’T a Republican.” And besides, Trump supporters feel very alienated from the party.

    Then I launched into my standard speech, pleading with the radio audience not to fall into the trap of thinking this is some normal election in which you are choosing between a Democrat and a Republican. This is a choice between a Democrat and DONALD TRUMP, and (I implied, but I don’t recall whether I said it straight out) it is essential that everyone rise up and vote against him, regardless of how they vote the rest of the time.

    In fact, I said, warming to my subject, Hillary Clinton is the closest thing to a Republican that we have in this election, as my friends at The State sort of pointed out in their endorsement.

    I sensed Jon was going to jump in there and contradict me, so I hurriedly made the point that she was more of a neoconservative than anyone who sought the Republican nomination this year, except for Lindsey Graham — at which point I think I saw Jon nod.

    In fact, her greatest weakness — the emails thing — was if anything a very Nixonian thing. If there had been email in Dick Nixon’s day, he would certainly have set up his own private server so he could control everything and keep his secrets safe from his enemies.

    At this point, I noticed I was lowering my voice and starting to do my Nixon impression, and I decided that was a bit much, so I shut up…

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