Join me on Twitter for tonight’s debate


A little over an hour ago, Donald Trump held a brief presser with several women who have terrible things to say about Bill and Hillary Clinton.

His precise point wasn’t clear, but it does seem obvious that he doesn’t intend to elevate the discussion tonight.

But we’ll see… it’s about to start… Join me on Twitter, which is where I’ll be until it’s over…

15 thoughts on “Join me on Twitter for tonight’s debate

  1. Claus

    And that ladies and gentlemen, is how you mop up the floor with your opponent. Donald pulled out the stops and had HIllary flustered all evening. The only person more nervous in the building was Bill as he looked across at the women he had raped or had affairs with. Nobody has pulled off a rope-a-dope that well since Mohammad Ali in 1974.

  2. Bill

    It’s a scandal of the first magnitude that this man is the nominee of ANY party. To those who have supported him or intend to vote for him, I’d recommend you recall the adage about those who lie down with dogs. You and no one else are the enablers of this vile creature.

  3. Doug Ross

    I didn’t watch this debate. At this point it is likely Hillary will win no matter how awful she is and how terrible her Presidency will be for the next year. I don’t want either of them running the country, When Obamacare comes crashing down, when we’re still fighting the same endless war on terrorism the same way, when more and more people become dependent on government (i.e. those of us who pay most of the taxes)… it’s all on you, Democrats. You own this country for the next four years. There’s no more blaming Bush — which you used for Obama’s first term. Our country now is what Democrats want it to be. Good luck!

    1. Claus

      In a sense I agree. This country is in such bad shape, it’s all being held in place by smoke and mirrors and a lot of government money, that I don’t know why anyone would want to be the next President. We can’t raise interest rates a half-point without fear of economic collapse. It’s not like either will be able to pull the country out of this mess and will only be blamed for it. Obama was supposed to be our great savior, yet he hasn’t done anything in 8 years except extend the national debt. The bubble is likely to burst during the next president’s term and that will be that person’s legacy in office.

    2. Brad Warthen Post author

      Doug, the next four years will be awful, but not for any of the reasons you cite.

      It will be awful for the same reason it would have been awful had Hillary Clinton been elected president at any time in the past: Republicans HATE her, and have hated her for decades — she has more than replaced Teddy Kennedy as the person they most love to hate — so for the first time the poisonous partisanship we have grown used to will be PERSONAL.

      Democrats went nuts with their disdain for Bush, and Republicans have done the same with Obama. But both of those guys went in with a clean slate, and it was more an expression of the nastiness of our politics in general rather than anything specific about those guys. Oh, sure, the haters found particular things to focus on — the idea that Bush was dumb, and that Obama was, ahem, different. But it started out as just unfocused partisan hostility.

      It won’t be that way with Hillary. Those people aren’t engaging in the usual rabid partisan hyperbole when they say she should be in prison; they actually mean it. And that’s what we’ll be dealing with from the outset. That will be the base, the foundation, of an unprecedented period of division in this country.

      It will be extremely ugly.

      Of course, it will be light years better than having Trump as president. But it will still be awful…

      1. Claus

        Give Republicans one good reason to like Hillary Clinton. I can’t think of one reason why I should like her or anything she stands for. It’s like trying to think of something nice to say about Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.

        So Hillary shouldn’t be in prison? When you’re handed subpeona three different times the last thing you want to do is go in and start deleting things off your e-mail servers unless you have something to hide. Now I realize that 33,000+ e-mails about Chelsea’s wedding and yoga messages aren’t important but had she left the servers alone this would have all blown over. What she did would have landed anyone else in prison.

        Also, how does one, who has no real job other than as a public servant go from being bankrupt to having hundreds of millions in the bank in less than a decade? I should have majored in “public servant” in college, I never realized it paid so well.

        1. Brad Warthen Post author

          Oh, I don’t expect Republicans — or many independents, or even quite a few Democrats — ever to like Hillary Clinton. That’s too tall an order.

          But there is one big, fat, irrefutable reason why they should vote for her: Donald Trump.

          Case closed.

          1. Claus

            Case is only closed when you become dictator, until then my vote will still go for Trump… along with the majority of SC.

      2. Doug Ross

        Which is why Americans should be given a choice by adding Gary Johnson and Jill Stein to the debate stage. Most don’t even KNOW there are options because people (like you) will only stick to the two parties.

        Put Gary Johnson on the stage for the last debate and his poll numbers will double over night. He certainly wouldn’t encounter the extreme hate that both Trump and Hillary generate. Well, the two parties would then turn their hired guns on him. There’s too much money at stake to allow a third party to flourish.

        But keep pushing Hillary. She’s your choice and you should live with the consequences of using your platform to push for her and her alone.

          1. Brad Warthen Post author

            But seriously, Doug, come on. She’s not my “choice.” We don’t get a choice, except to decide whether Donald Trump will be president of the United States. Once we’ve decided he shouldn’t be, there are ZERO choices left to us. We either vote for the one and only person in the universe who can defeat him, or we abet his election — which is precisely what we do if we do anything other than give Hillary Clinton every vote she needs to defeat him.

            1. Doug Ross

              Nope. There are choices. By continuing to marginalize third party candidates (as you have done both in your professional and post-editor life), you support the system that gave us the choice of Hillary and Trump. You don’t like Libertarians so you would never give them a chance to even have an opportunity to present their views to the American public. They rules are rigged for the two parties and they (and you) want to keep it that way. The debates are rigged, the federal matching funds which are paid for by tax dollars are rigged (they should be eliminated completely), the media is lazy and can’t handle a more complex arrangement.

              How much time do you spend even looking at the alternatives? You’re part of the system. You cozy up to those in the party leadership. How many Libertarian, Green, American Party contacts do you consult with?

              1. Brad Warthen Post author

                I’ve spent too much of my life already studying Libertarians. I’ve been more than persuaded that if there’s one party I like far less than the Democratic and Republican (which at least, in their attempts to build majorities, have to eschew rigid ideology), it’s the Libertarian.

                Greens have yet to field a candidate that caused me to think they were worth taking seriously.

                I very much like the two guys who started the American Party (the current, SC, party, not George Wallace’s), and have devoted a lot of words to their efforts. I’ve also explained in detail why their movement has disappointed me.

                Give me a party whose first fundamental, nonnegotiable tenet is unwavering opposition to fundamental, nonnegotiable tenets. Give me the UnParty

            2. Claus

              I feel the same way about Clinton, besides she’s already been President for 8 years… unless you believe Bill was running the country.

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