Lawmakers urge Haley to remove recreation commissioners

I just received a copy of a letter the responsible majority of the Richland County Legislative Delegation just sent to Gov. Nikki Haley. It’s to follow up on what the lawmakers asked the governor to do in a meeting last week, before the hurricane.

It begins:


To read the entire 31-page document, click here.

Obviously, the governor has been quite busy since the meeting with the lawmakers, but one hopes she will attend to this as soon as practicable.

Actually, I should say, the two meetings with lawmakers. I understand she met separately with the minority that is NOT pushing for removing the problem commissioners.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: The lawmakers who choose the commissioners do not have the power themselves to remove them. Just another of the insane things about special-purpose districts.

At this point, it is my duty as a journalist to digest the document for you, going through charge after charge. But I’m kind of busy with my day job at the moment. I thought I’d just go ahead and give y’all the whole thing now rather than delay. In the meantime, here’s a very fine news story done by my good friend John Monk.

Perhaps I’ll be adding to this post later…

Oh, one other thing: The lawmakers signing the letter (that is, the responsible lawmakers) are these (sorry I keep having to give you text as pictures; the PDF isn’t the kind that lets you highlight and copy text):


The OTHER lawmakers on the delegation are:

Darrell Jackson, District 21
John L. Scott, Jr., District 19
Dr. Jimmy C. Bales, District 80
Christopher R. Hart, District 73
Leon Howard, District 76
Joseph H. Neal, District 70
J. Todd Rutherford, District 74

3 thoughts on “Lawmakers urge Haley to remove recreation commissioners

  1. Sally

    Once again, Brad, I’ll make the observation that Mia McLeod was the last to sign this letter, after wavering for weeks. Obviously, she realized that not signing the delegation letter would damage her state senate race.
    No doubt her politically motivated decision disappointed John Scott and his wife. (John Scott was the delegation member who inferred to Joel Lourie as a “racist” for leading the legislators calling for removal of the Rec Commission employees.) Please remember Ms. McLeod and Mrs. Scott each received a $49,500 public relations contract from the City of Columbia earlier this year, $500 under the amount that would require council approval in open session.

  2. Claus

    I noticed a similar feature in the ones who signed and didn’t sign this letter. More of The Man holding a black man down it appears.

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