Joss Whedon’s election videos

One of the best directors in the ‘verse has stepped forward to try to get out the vote for next week.

I especially enjoy the one above, making appropriate fun of the notion that what all situations call for is a businessman.

But Doug and my other Libertarian (or should I say, “Browncoat“) friends should enjoy the one below, entitled, “If Congress was your co-worker…”

My favorite, though, might be this one, in which a Brit, thoroughly embarrassed by Brexit, begs us all to vote for Trump so we Yanks will go back to being the idiots the rest of the world looks down on. It starts, appropriately enough, with “Bit of a favor to ask…”

5 thoughts on “Joss Whedon’s election videos

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      OK, so it’s not the most brilliant thing Whedon’s ever done. He didn’t even begin to plumb the comic possibilities of the absurd proposition that businessmen automatically good at everything.

      In his defense, I think he’s cranking these things out too fast. Looks like another one coming out practically every day.

      But I appreciate that he’s doing what he CAN, with the talents he has, to make a difference.

      By the way, that Funny or Die video featured one of my favorite Joss Whedon stars, the lovely and delightful Felicia Day.

      And is that Patti LuPone with the glasses, phoning it in? By the way, I ran into this video of her recently from quite a few years back, and was again impressed. She could really belt out a tune:

      Did she sell that, or what?

  1. Harry Harris

    I’m guessing you were kidding about the Libertarians liking the video about the shut-down employee. They long for a government that is crippled – legislatively and administratively. The onset of the TEA party faction in Congress is the biggest factor in making our government do little of value (just as libertarians want it). The few effective actions since 2010 have been the by the FED (independent) keeping the economy at least positive, though anemic, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with exposures like Wells-Fargo and some fiduciary failings by investment firms.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I wasn’t kidding. The title of the video was “If Congress was your co-worker.” I sort of took it as decrying regulation that many libertarians regard as senseless or out-of-control.

      I don’t know much about Joss Whedon’s politics, but his Browncoat heroes on “Firefly” were quite libertarian. I liked them anyway. Although my favorite characters — Jayne Cobb and Kaylee — had not been Browncoats. That said, Mal — who certainly was a Browncoat — was probably my third-favorite…

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