SC Democrats celebrate the thinnest of silver linings

This is one of those posts that makes Jaime Harrison think about taking me off his mailing list — and makes Matt Moore feel smug for having never put me on his (despite my request).

SC Democrats are doing their very best to put a brave face on the recent election. It took them a couple of weeks, but they’ve managed to come up with three whole victories in partisan races, statewide, to celebrate:

My Fellow Democrats,
As we prepare for the Trump Administration, Democrats are fortunate to have a strong contingent of leaders to lead the fight, both here in South Carolina and throughout the country.  We are particularly excited for those who were elected to new positions in our state to take office and get to work for all South Carolinians.  From school board to SC Senate, there are newly elected Democrats across the state.  These Democrats will play important roles in the coming struggle.  Some of these Democrats with important new positions include:
– Mia McLeod won the SC Senate election in District 22, which includes parts of Richland and Kershaw Counties.  Her victory keeps the seat in Democratic hands following the distinguished tenure of retiring Senator Joel Lourie.  The passionate and effective advocacy Sen.-elect McLeod displayed in the SC House will be a great asset in the Senate.
– Mike Fanning was elected to the SC Senate from District 17, which includes all of Fairfield and Chester Counties and part of York County.  He is committed to shaking up status quo in Columbia so that our state government serves the people, not special interests.
– Mary Tinkler defeated a 20-year Republican incumbent to be Charleston County Treasurer.  She will continue the important work she has done in the SC House looking out for all taxpayers.
In addition to these impressive Democratic victories, we would also like to congratulate Alfred Mae Drakeford on her election as Mayor of Camden in a nonpartisan race.  She will be the first African American to serve in that position.
With great public servants like these taking office, we can be confident that our values and priorities will be defended in the halls of power.  And with sustained effort from all of us in support of them and their colleagues, our future will be bright.
Jaime Harrison

Yeah… that’s, you know, kinda sad, guys…

Not that I agree with that silly letter in The State today. I think Jaime does a fine job. He just doesn’t have a great situation to work with, to engage in British-class understatement…

7 thoughts on “SC Democrats celebrate the thinnest of silver linings

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Yeah, I know, those weren’t the Dem’s ONLY wins in SC. For instance, my own senator, Nikki Setzler, cruised to fairly easy re-election — not that he didn’t work hard for it; Nikki never takes an election for granted.

    These were the Democrats who were NEWLY elected to the offices they won.

    But, um, the first two won DEMOCRATIC seats. Mia won Joel Lourie’s seat, and Fanning beat the Democratic incumbent in the primary in June.

    Also, let me go check, but I’m pretty sure the legislative seat Mary Tinkler left to run for local office, since it was Bobby Harrell’s old seat, reverted to the GOP column. If anything else had happened, the Democrats would REALLY be celebrating…

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    Mia won over the endorsement of her opponent by The State….I know; I know…

    Hey, he could have pointed out the increasing margin of the popular vote by which Hillary exceeded POETUS’s votes….

  3. Doug Ross

    I heard there was a Democratic dog catcher in Swansea who eked out a victory as well.

    Mia McLeod’s win was due more to the shifting demographics in the area than anything else.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I don’t know about shifting demographics. It was already a Democratic district. Normally the district wouldn’t have been very competitive, but this time it was because a) she had an experienced, fairly well-known opponent, and b) controversy that has surrounded Mia (and which she herself has often generated), which actually caused some Democrats to root for her opposition.

      But she ran a good campaign, and held onto the seat for the Dems…


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