Apparently, I did NOT use Hans Delbrück’s brain in building the new president


I began my day, my year, crying out in protest against a headline on The Fix:

I am as dismayed as Froderick Frahnkensteen at learning that apparently, at some point during this awful past year, I put an abnormal brain into a seven and a half foot long, fifty-four inch wide — but small-handed — gorilla.

But don’t blame me! Eyegor let me down. I had intended our new POTUS to have Hans Delbrück’s brain, you see…

7 thoughts on “Apparently, I did NOT use Hans Delbrück’s brain in building the new president

  1. Claus

    Ahhh, so much for the break. I come back and Brad is picking up right where he left off. I’d put Trump’s brain up against Obama or Hillary’s brain any day. Successful businessman vs. career politicians who have never head a real working job.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      … which makes as much sense as a baseball manager saying he’d rather recruit a successful golfer for his team than someone with experience in the top ranks of the MLB.

      Which is to say, it doesn’t make sense. Complete non sequitur…

      1. Claus

        I hear TIm Tebow (Heisman trophy winner) is playing professional baseball now, likely for the Fireflies. He never played baseball past his junior year in high school.

    2. Paula

      If a successful businessman is defined as a person who takes all the money for himself and declares bankruptcy, then I’d say that’s successful. He’s a successful con man. Not to mention his mental and emotional disabilities. At least Hillary has eight years experience being president. *wink*
      Strong women don’t scare *me*.

  2. Paula

    Brad, I searched for Hans’ real name because I intend to post a picture of his brain and suggest we give it to POTUS for Christmas. Along with a heart someone’s not using. I could also reference The Wizard of Oz.

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