On the downside, Trump will still be president in October

Had to smile at this news from The Washington Post this morning:


Will the mysterious shadow planet Nibiru obliterate Earth in October? No.

If all goes according to wild conjecture, planet Earth and the planet Nibiru are set to collide in the autumn, twin cosmic shooters in a game of apocalyptic marbles. Nibiru is playing for keeps, bringing sinkholes, fire storms and the general annihilation of life as we know it. As with many conspiracy theories, though, this one has a fatal factual flaw. The closest thing Nibiru has had to an existence was a cameo in a 2013 Star Trek film. There is not, in reality, a planet called Nibiru boldly zooming through our solar frontier….

Here was this thing I had not worried about a bit, because I had never heard about it. (It’s one of those things like “the world’s gonna end in 2012” — remember that one?) And now they were telling me not to worry about it.

But don’t bother to celebrate our deliverance. Scientists also predict that, on the downside, Donald Trump will be president of the United States in October 2017.

They give with one hand, and take away with the other…

11 thoughts on “On the downside, Trump will still be president in October

  1. Karen Pearson

    Why not? After all, people who are supposedly sane believe that vaccines cause autism, that climate change is a myth, and that Trump will make America great again. I think I’ll go now to join the “flat earth society.”
    (and btw, the sky is falling!)

    1. Claus

      You talking about the same Trump that has kept Carrier, Ford and just announced today Stanley manufacturing plants in the country? $40,000+/year jobs vs. the part-time, minimum wage jobs at Starbucks and Walmart that the Obama administration is bragging about creating?

      Meanwhile Obama sits in the Oval Office trying to figure out how he can preserve his legacy in the next 15 days. I wonder if the Obama’s will steal as much as the Clintons did when they left the White House?

      1. Claus

        And BTW – All of those Trump accomplishments were done prior to him being sworn into office. What is Obama doing besides watching Trump work?

        Did anyone else see Obama’s farewell speech to the military earlier this week? Maybe 1/2 of one side of the gym had people seated in it, compare that to George W. Bush’s same speech, it was standing room only. That right there tells you what the military thinks of Obama. Half the people in attendance were probably told that they were going to be the one allowed to hold the door for him when he leaves.

        1. Claus

          Yesterday Trump tweeted about Toyota who was going to build a new Toyota plant in Mexico to produce Corollas for the US. He mentioned big border taxes… their stock immediately dropped.


          MAGA, Obama is still watching with his mouth open at what a President can actually do to help this country. It’s like a Journeyman watching a Master.

            1. Claus

              What…??? Golfing, sending your family (and extended family) on taxpayer paid trips around the world, pardoning drug dealers.

              What’s appalling is people like you and the other Hillary supporters who are so narrow minded that a career politician didn’t get elected into office. I realize that this is the clique you want to be associated with and will defend anyone in the clique to protect them but step back and take a look at the big picture.

            2. Claus

              How is Trump saving jobs in this country, getting huge corporations to build and expand manufacturing plants in this country having been elected less than a month ago. Whereas, Obama just sat back and was willing to let these companies move out of the country and did or said nothing about it. “Oh well, I guess another 400 jobs are gone… let’s get them signed up with every welfare program they’re eligible for until they can get a job at Walmart”.

              1. Brad Warthen Post author

                Apparently, Claus, you missed this morning’s report that the U.S. economy added 150,000 news jobs in December:

                The nation is well on its way in one of the largest economic recoveries in modern history, new government data shows, but some workers are still lagging behind as President Obama prepares to hand the office to Donald Trump.

                The U.S. economy added 156,000 new jobs in December, the Labor Department reported Friday, slightly below economists’ expectations. Yet wages rose 2.9 percent from last December, the strongest increase in more than seven years and evidence that economic growth is finally translating into gains for workers….

                See, that’s the level on which presidents operate — the big picture. The overall health of the economy.

                It’s not about embarrassing one company to keep one plant in the U.S., and bragging about it like you’ve done something important for the country.

                It’s about policy, not about individual deals. It’s not about you and me and some guy across a table. That’s the penny-ante level on which a private businessman operates. It’s about whether you’re following the right policies for the nation overall.

                Which, it seems to me, I shouldn’t even be having to SAY. But in a world in which Donald Trump just got elected president of the United States, I guess I have to…

                1. Claus

                  Wow Obama must be like Santa Claus to single handidly create 150,000 jobs. I had heard Starbucks was looking to double the number of stores.

                  What are the chances that the job future is looking up because Trump is coming into office? Or that it’s because Obama and the Democrats fell on their face and people can now look for progress rather than regress?

                2. Brad Warthen Post author

                  Actually, we’re talking about a trend over the last seven years.

                  Which is not to say that Obama, or the Congress that he dealt with, did it. Some of that built on steps W. took before leaving office.

                  Similarly, since the economy continues to improve, Trump will likely see the trend continue, and will no doubt take credit for it.

                  But the fact is, the world isn’t as simple as Trump or his supporters would like it to be. These overall positive trends can’t be laid at the feet of any one person or group of people. The economy is too complicated for that.

                  All you can do is follow the best policies you can identify, and hope they will help encourage positive trends, rather than getting in the way, or causing ill effects. It’s not like you push a button, and bingo, you have a clearcut result.

                  But that kind of overall, sweeping, nationwide growth is what matters. Not one company’s announcement about one plant….

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