Rhonda, the submachine-gunner (talkin’ about the girl)

OK, this is my second attempt in as many days to get some Warren Zevon going.

This was pretty much a failure yesterday, drawing only one “favorite” on Twitter. Of course, it was about Flynn:

And if you don’t get it, here’s the song.

Today, I was sort of bowled over by this picture, with this story in The Washington Post:


With her Nordic beauty — the icy blue eyes and the blonde pigtails — and of course her automatic weapon slung across her belly, she seemed the perfect female counterpart of Roland the Thompson Gunner, Norway’s bravest son. Except, you know, she has a head.

Yeah, I know “submachine” doesn’t work as a substitute for “Thompson” — it doesn’t scan right, or the metre’s wrong, or something. (I’ve long ago forgotten exactly what those terms mean, although I remember that “outfielder” is a dactyl. That’s not from school, though; it’s from Herman Wouk’s novel City Boy.) In any case, too many syllables.

Go ahead, sneer at my poetry. I just thought I’d share. And I hope that Boris Roessler and the European Pressphoto Agency don’t mind my showing you their photo of the lovely, well-armed cop…

8 thoughts on “Rhonda, the submachine-gunner (talkin’ about the girl)

  1. Bryan Caskey

    Ooooooooh, looks like an H&K MP5. Very nice.

    Blondie is practicing good trigger discipline, too. (Finger stays off the trigger (and outside the trigger guard) until you have your target and have made the decision to fire.

    If anyone is looking to get on my good side, an MP5 would be a nice gift. (Just sayin’.)

    1. Claus

      A little more impressive than our TSA agents who weigh 300 pounds and are more concerned with shaking down 4 year olds and confiscating nail clippers.


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