Gamecocks: Cinderella with brass knuckles?

I hope Wade Payne and the Associated Press don't mind my using this to send you to the Post story (just click on it.)

I hope Wade Payne and the Associated Press don’t mind my using this to send you to the Post story (just click on it.)

I thought some of you sports fans would enjoy this piece from The Washington Post this morning.

I like the way they portray Frank Martin as an “ogre” (although one loved by his players). I think of him as this guy who is so supportive of the S.C. Center for Fathers and Families, an ADCO client — if not exactly a teddy bear, at least a benign force.

Anyway, the story’s a good one. An excerpt:

South Carolina is like Cinderella — if she came to NCAA ball with brass knuckles

South Carolina is the closest thing to a Cinderella left in the NCAA tournament, but that ball-gown of a word is too delicate for them. There’s no dreamers in this team, they’re all brawl and substance, beginning with their rage monster of a coach Frank Martin, who seems to burst out of his suit with that terrifying tripwire temper, and looks at any moment like he’s ready to get in a fight with a pool cue….

Imagine that visage and voice coming at you. The large ogre’s jaw, topped by graying hair cut currycomb short. The eyes like an uncontrolled methane burn. You’d do what he said, too. In 2014, Martin cussed out guard Duane Notice so vehemently that his athletic director had to suspend him for a game. Yet that’s just one facet of a coach who must be acknowledged as the real thing, a masterful teacher who has gotten South Carolina to its first NCAA Sweet 16 since 1973. He has done it with force of will, superb habits instilled over five years of grinding, and largely with homegrown players. Here’s the thing about all that yelling. It works. His players do what he tells them to….

16 thoughts on “Gamecocks: Cinderella with brass knuckles?

  1. Bryan Caskey

    Nice post and good photo. I’ll be your field correspondent, your man in the scene, tonight.

    In NYC with son to see the game (and many other sights). I’ll send ya some photos for use if you wish. Can’t guarantee they’ll be photojournalist quality, though.

    1. Mark Stewart

      Enjoy the game! Not the best sightseeing weather – but it’s NYC! Place has energy.

    2. bud

      Bryan, enjoy the game. My son lives on Statten Island and work at the World Trade Center. We visited right after the memorial opened. Very somber place. I’ll share some photos on FB.

  2. Bart

    This is a good team and if not given respect, they not only can but will come away with a win. Considering the little fact they have the SEC POY on the team and some very good underclassmen, they are very dangerous if opponents take them lightly. Just ask Duke!!! 🙂

  3. Bart

    The Gamecocks are the sleeper team and they demonstrated tonight they have the coach, players, and will to win and could go all the way and cut the nets down.

    Something else to consider. Two teams in the Elite Eight are from the Carolinas. USC and UNC, both represented their conferences and states very well tonight.

  4. Sally

    So, Frank Martin has a temper. So, what? Ever read Coach K’s lips when he’s yelling at players or refs? Dumbest thing I ever witnessed in college basketball was Ray Tanner requiring a public apology from Martin about yelling at his players. No racial or gender references; expletives, in their face, ok. (See Coach K reference.)
    Reporters are labeling USC’s team as “nastier” and “all brawl.” They remind me of Florida State. They play thug basketball. Just as soon mow over someone than executive a good play. I prefer smart execution, not brass knuckles execution (literally). Do whatever it takes to win is not a style of play to admire.

    1. Bryan Caskey

      Amazing. I’ve seen all the standard NYC sights with my son (Statue of Liberty, 9-11 Memorial, Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, Central Park, American Museum of Natural History). He got plenty – and I mean plenty – of street food. We saw the Gamecocks win two NCAA games in fine style.

      Tonight’s game felt like an old fashioned prize fight in the Garden with two fighters trading shots.

      Stayed with my sister and her husband on the lower east side in Stuy-town.

      An amazing, ideal trip. Hopefully, Henry will remember it for a long time.

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