If Millennials Were Lumberjacks (take THAT, Bruce Gibney)

Bruce_GibneyThere’s this obnoxious kid named Bruce Gibney — I haven’t found his age anywhere, but there’s a picture of him at right, so I think you’ll see my characterization is pretty much spot-on, especially the “obnoxious” part — who has written this book (and good for him! what a big-boy thing to do!) that just really rips into my generation.

It’s called A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America. He goes on and on about it apparently, else it would not be a book.

My wife says she heard him being interviewed on the radio, and was struck by how much he seems to really, really hate us.

Oh, yeah? Well, take a look at this, ya little punk. Here’s what we think of you…

15 thoughts on “If Millennials Were Lumberjacks (take THAT, Bruce Gibney)

  1. Diane L Goloff

    Where the hell is your full article about Bruce Gibney? I can’t find it. I just listened to this little creep on MSNBC. I’d love to know why he hates mommy and daddy so much. Grrrr

    1. SaltyKate

      Probably because they screwed their kids and their grandkids and their great grandkids out of the same interest free student loans they used to gain their own education, destroyed our infrastructure, used some shady investment schemes to demolish the housing market, diminished the education system and much more, all the while sending us into oil war after oil war while they profited from it. What’s not to hate? This generation has done nothing for this country but diminish our power and destroy our economy. Every single generation except boomers have fought for this country. Two thirds of the”Me” generation were too young for one war and to old for another. The other third ran to Canada. We’re dependent on science and technology for our economy and we always have been. And now China is out pacing is with stem graduates tenfold. Boomers did nothing but take and take and take. Oh it’s not all of you. But it’s a majority. You’re selfish people that pretend to have modern values and still quake in terror when you hear the word socialism because you have no idea what it means. You’re appropriately called the “Me” generation because that’s all you think about. You’re also called the “Coward” generation. I hear “Me” generation more than “Boomer” now. We see you. You’re a waste of resources at this point.

      1. Meg

        The video doesn’t make sense, though. If you provided anyone, of any age, with mediocre tools to perform a job, it wouldn’t be done well. What is the point you are trying to make with this video in relation to Gibney’s assessment of rampant baby boomer consumerism, ignorance of climate change, and destruction of the economy? You clearly didn’t read his book, you didn’t even personally listen to his interview; do you have any actual contribution or are you just mad about nothing?

  2. Harry R. Allen

    The book should be titled: A GENERATION OF NARCISSISTS
    How Progressive Liberal Baby Boomers
    Betrayed Ameeica.!
    Along with the few remaining members of the Last Great Generation we actual mature adult Baby Boomers voted to save our country from the progressive agenda.
    Also if any Baby Boomers belong to the hate groups NON or ANTIFA they’re so few as to be not worth counting.
    On the other hand the same cant be said for the Me Generation and Millenials who will be the downfall of America!

    1. SaltyKate

      They’re not progressive. They never have been. They pretend to be too keep up appearances. They are regressive. All you have to do is look how far we’ve fallen in infrastructure and debt to GDP ratio from the time they first turned 18 until now. They are parasites.

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        Gosh. Some of y’all take this generational-identity thing pretty far, don’t you?

        This is supposed to be light stuff, just a fun post about something that doesn’t matter. Joshing around, you know?…

  3. C3

    This guy is definitely not a mellinial. He’s at least 40 and this personifies the same issue that seems to continue to come up in popular culture: did Millennials and Boomers against one another and disregard the generation in between the greatest generation of Boomers and Generation X. Why do we do this? Simple, Boomers and Millennials are the biggest Generations so if we can keep them in a constant generational conflict with one another it keeps a society divided which allows the powers-that-be to maintain a grip on the narrative and control the message. After all the greatest Generation fought dogged lie to get out of the Great Depression and to gain the rights they were entitled to after fighting the second world war and coming back fed up with the same old nonsense. Then the generation between the Boomers and the greatest gen reap the benefits I pretended to be part of the greatest generation. Fast forward to the early 90s then we see the same thing with Genex who live through a booming economy and huge amounts of Economic and job growth and they want to pretend Millennials are spoiled and participation trophy recipients. This guy Bruce Gibney is ridiculous and I don’t agree with anything he said so please, please do not tie him to my generation we want no part of his nonsense!

  4. Sean Bond

    Some punk on Twitter just quoted that article on VOX and I ripped him a new one on Twitter and used your video at the end. Here’s the thread…


    I had Millenials on Twitter tell me in late October of 2016 that “There was going to be tough love in November…” because they were crying a river over Bernie Sanders. Tough Love only works when you are the adult teaching a child a lesson, not the other way around. Well the Millenials will be living in the squalor they created in November of 2016. I’m retiring in a couple years when these big projects are completed and I’m leaving the country, as it will be decades before the Trump mess is cleaned up, and I want no part of it.



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