Good job, lawmakers: Gas tax veto overridden

I’m glad to see lawmakers made short work of Henry McMaster’s unjustified veto of the bill that raises the gas tax and reforms DOT:

A proposal to raise the S.C. gas tax will become law after the Legislature Wednesday overrode Gov. Henry McMaster’s veto….

The S.C. Senate gave the bill final approval Wednesday afternoon in a vote of 32 to 12.

The S.C. House voted 95-18, to override McMaster’s veto after S.C. House Speaker Jay Lucas, R-Darlington and several other House members lambasted the Republican governor.

“He chose to listen, I believe, to campaign consultants, rather than the people of the great state of South Carolina,” Lucas said…. McMaster has “chosen to place politics over policy,” Lucas said. “The governor has failed to offer one single, viable solution to the state’s infrastructure crisis.”…

You got that right, Mr. Speaker. I was glad to see my own representative stand up, too:

Freshman lawmaker Rep. Micah Caskey, R-Lexington, said McMaster “chose to remain silent, he chose not to act, he chose not to lead.”

Way to go, Micah. I’m glad I didn’t run against you last year. (For this reason, and also the fact that he would have creamed me — he’s a Marine combat veteran.)

Speaking of Micah. When Bryan and I went to watch the night infiltration exercise at Fort Jackson last month, we ran into Micah. I’m still not clear on how they’re related, but here’s a picture of the two Caskeys…