This guy’s never, ever going to walk ANYWHERE


Just thought I’d share with you this phenomenon I saw on the highway.

This guy’s driving a huge RV, with a golf cart riding on a lift behind. Attached to the back of the golf cart is a bicycle.

And towing behind all of it is a Jeep.

This guy has a plan — he’s never, ever going to walk anywhere, from here on out.

I wonder how it works. When he’s parked the RV and is taking the Jeep somewhere, does he tow the golf cart and bike behind the Jeep, just in case?

Thorstein Veblen might have had something to say about this. I’m not sure what, though…

3 thoughts on “This guy’s never, ever going to walk ANYWHERE

  1. Claus2

    What a cheapskate, if he wanted to impress he’d be driving a Prevost motorhome and pulling a Range Rover.

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