Cashing in on Joe Arpaio, from all directions


As you probably realize, one of the reasons we are so politically divided in this country is that there’s a whole industry that exists to keep us that way.

There are the parties, of course, but there are loads of other entitities out there that exist to make you angry and keep you angry at those other people, and to keep you giving money so that the destructive process continues forever, in a self-perpetuating, self-financing loop.

About a month ago, I got on a mailing list from another universe — one in which Donald Trump and his fellow travelers are the most wonderful things ever. I get message after message begging me for money to fight “liberals,” which are defined as everything from Democrats to mainstream Republicans — Mitch McConnell is a favorite target.

Two or three times a day, these appeals came behalf of ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio, for his defense.

Of course, it’s not only the right that tries to cash in on that barbarian. After his pardon, I got this from a usual suspect on the left:

Brad —

We’re sick to our stomach. Donald Trump just pardoned Joe Arpaio — a fellow birther, convicted for illegally targeting and abusing communities of color.

This makes a mockery of the rule of law. It’s disgusting. And Republicans continue to REFUSE to hold Trump accountable for this latest in a string of racist acts.

We need to kick Republicans out of office and take back the House for Democrats. Please contribute right away so we can have the resources to do it.

$10 $25 $50
$100 $250 Other


Team Pelosi

Well, of course. When there’s a demon at hand, get the begging cup out.

You’re probably thinking, “Well, at least the right has no excuse to ask for help on this matter any more.” Oh, how foolish you are! The excuses why you as a partisan should give never end:


Sheriff Joe Arpaio Legal Defense Fund


BREAKING: Sheriff Joe Pardoned
by President Trump

I just received some incredibly good news! President Trump has just issued a pardon on my behalf.Honestly, I could not be more thankful to President Trump for seeing my bogus conviction for what it was: a political witch hunt by hold overs from the Obama justice department. 

I am certain that President Trump was able to see the TRUTH so clearly because he too has been the victim of a character assassination by the liberal media and Democrat establishment on many occasions.

HELP SHERIFF JOE! Contribute $150 >>

While I am humbled and incredibly grateful for this very good news, I can’t help but be concerned about a bit of bad news I received recently.
I am still facing tens of thousands in legal bills from my fight to clear my name. Going up against the full force of the federal government was not only personally taxing, it was incredibly expensive.

Remember Friend, I am just a retired local law enforcement officer. 

The only reason you now my name is because the liberal media decided to launch a national campaign to paint me as a monster for my hard belief in upholding the Constitution and against illegal immigration . . .

HELP SHERIFF JOE! Contribute $75 >>

Frankly, the DOJ thought that I would back down and take a plea bargain to avoid the enormous expense of a legal battle on this scale. I was not going to let them intimidate me into to admitting to a crime that I did not commit, so I had to fight to clear my name.
Now, my wife Ava and I are still facing significant legal bills. . .

HELP SHERIFF JOE! Contribute $50>>

Friend, I know that you work hard for your paycheck which makes this very difficult to ask of you, but if you are financially able will you please make a contribution to my legal defense fund today? Every dollar you donate will go directly toward paying off my legal bills and putting this awful chapter behind me.
I cannot thank you enough for supporting me through this incredibly trying time,


– Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona


11 thoughts on “Cashing in on Joe Arpaio, from all directions

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Where on Earth would you get such a bizarre idea? No one who has ever read what I write could think that.

      I’m on “Team Pelosi” in exactly the same sense I’m a supporter of Joe Arpaio. If you write about politics, people send you this stuff…

  1. Doug Ross

    Who is worse: the person who writes these emails, the person who donates money in response, or the politician who pays for them to be sent out? Liars, idiots, or greedy hacks? Hard to decide.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Well, I’m inclined to blame them all.

      Of course, they’ll say it’s all necessary to raise the funds necessary to get elected.

      And I will say, “But you can get elected without doing all that!”

      But unfortunately, since I’ve never run for office and won without doing that, I can’t prove it…

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        But I CAN point to candidates that I’ve never seen do such a thing.

        Micah Caskey, for instance. I can’t see him doing that.

        And we all know how Micah got elected, right? He bought ads on this blog, and that cinched it for him! THAT’S the proper way to do it!

  2. bud

    When you have an enemy as dangerous and ruthless as the GOP sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Cut the Dems a little slack. They’re all that stands between a healthy democracy that benefits all Americans and a craven plutocracy that benefits only the few. Sadly, though the Dems have their hearts in the right place, their competence is lacking.

  3. Brad Warthen Post author

    Here’s another one, from a group calling itself “Senate Conservatives ACTION:”

    Fellow Conservative:

    Senator Mitch McConnell’s failed leadership is killing President Trump’s conservative agenda and there is no sign this will change….

    Wow, really? Just for the record, folks, between McConnell and Trump, MITCH is the conservative, not Donald. You can’t even mount a respectable argument to the contrary.

    The problem is, anyone clueless enough to think Trump is the conservative in that equation is probably gullible enough to give money — assuming, of course, it’s one of those people who think being “conservative” is what matters (a feat that requires an endless tolerance for hearing the word, over and over and over)…

    1. bud

      Conservative is a dog whistle term for advancing a pro wealthy agenda. Sure these so called “conservatives” will pay lip service to guns and abortion and a few othe “family values” issues. But those issues are nothing but a flotilla of destroyers laying smoke to protect the carriers i.e. the rich.


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